Sunday, August 21, 2011

Trinity Fieldwork Week #8

On Monday, I had the chance to go to Hayfork & lead an assertiveness training group with the men’s group. It is really too bad that I couldn’t have this group on a regular basis since I love this group! It was totally a change up from my regular Mondays & I absolutely welcomed the change. This group is much more advanced than some of my other groups & the guys got the concept almost straight away. They were all really happy to see me again, too! When I left group, they all said “thank you for coming to teach us,” which seriously melted my heart. They wanted me to lead their group every week :)

Only in Trinity County do I have to wait for a pilot car

On Thursday, I was seriously passive aggressive (no, I didn’t get revenge, haha). Mike said something to me & I was seriously ticked off the rest of the day, but played it off like nothing. Thank goodness I had biofeedback with Brad at the end of the day or I would have totally went nuts. I told Brad that I seriously needed a mental break & he gladly obliged in doing biofeedback as long as I wanted. My heart rate was in the 80s when he hooked me up so he taught me a new breathing technique to help calm it down, which it did down to the 60s. I did so well on the biofeedback that I hit 91% coherence on the highest difficulty & I had an out-of-body experience. There was this bright white light in my mind & I didn’t think about anything. My body was also completely relaxed that I couldn’t even really feel it anymore. The feeling was simply amazing! Vinh said that was like stage 3 of 5 for meditation so yay me!

On Friday, I had to take the Trinity Transit (public transportation of Trinity County) with one of my clients/neighbor. He hadn’t taken the bus for 6 months due to his symptoms & whatnot. I had to work him up all week to take the bus with me, but he told me on Wednesday that I motivated him to do it, aww. I love sweet clients, I really do! So I woke up at like 5:30am so that I could get ready, wake him up to make sure he was ready to go & off we went to take the bus. At first, he was really anxious, but at the end of the ride, he said that it was actually fun! As I went to open the front door of the TCBHS, he disappeared on me when I told him to wait at the front door. I totally went into panic mode since I thought I lost my client. Lo & behold, he went next door to buy the both of us coffee! It was seriously way too cute. I taught him origami & made buttons with me afterwards. Later that night, Vinh arrived for our anniversary weekend!

On Saturday, it was Vinh & I’s 9-year anniversary. Vinh planned the whole trip this time & he chose to take me to Bodega Bay. I drove the 5 hour trip there since he was exhausted from work/driving the day before. When we got to Bodega Bay, we were starving & bummed that it was a gloomy day, lol. We checked into our hotel, the Bodega Coastal Inn. We found out we got upgraded to a room with a fireplace, which excited me, haha. The room was alright, it wasn’t the greatest. We went in search of food & found ourselves at the Sandpiper for lunch. I ordered the seafood platter, which filled me silly & fulfilled my seafood cravings. Then we headed back to our hotel for a nap since we both needed the rest. After waking up, Vinh drove us to the Sonoma coastline & we walked along some of the beaches there before heading to the Tides for dinner. Talk about a nice place with really yummy food! I had the shrimp provencale & it was simply delicious! I also ordered an appletini, but Vinh switched with me & I ended up with a chocolatini *drool*Vinh bought me these cute silver earrings at the gift shop & it’s so me, hehe. It’s an open heart with a peace sign attached to it :) After dinner, we headed back to our hotel & lit up the wood for the fireplace & spent the rest of the night staying warm & cozy indoors.

Our room @ Bodega Coastal Inn

Seafood platter @ the Sandpiper

Crab ravioli @ the Sandpiper

On the Sonoma coastline :)

Gorgeous Sonoma coastline

The Tides Restaurant

Me with my appletini before Vinh switched

Vinh's yummy seafood @ the Tides

Shrimp provencale @ the Tides

Ship outside the restaurant

In front of our warm fireplace

Warm kisses, hehe

On Sunday, we woke up early to eat at the free continental breakfast before heading back to Trinity County. I ended up driving again so that Vinh wouldn’t be tired on his 5 hour drive back home. We made good time really. We stopped at a farmer’s stand to buy some fruit & ice cream bars before heading to the Shasta Outlets near Redding for lunch. We saw the sign for Sonic & couldn’t resist the cherry limeades that awaited us *giggle* With our tummies full, I drove full speed back home to Lewiston! We took a nap before Vinh had to leave to go home. Too bad he won’t be here next week for his birthday, but I’ll see him Labor Day weekend for our adventure to Crater Lake! That folks is my week & that brings my fieldwork to being 2/3 done, zomg!

We had this cute heart bush in front of our hotel

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  1. First off wth is a pilot car?! rofl
    Aww that was super sweet of your group wanting you to teach them every week :)
    haha totally had to laugh at your almost missing client. :P
    What exactly is biofeedback? It sounds interesting!
    Again with all the food pics! haha I want to try everything! I've never had any kind of "tini" before they both sound good!
    Happy AnnieVinhsary! I'm glad you guys got to spend it together and had such a great time! whoohoo!!!