Sunday, August 28, 2011

Trinity Fieldwork Week #9

OMG, I'm 75% done already, eek! I'll admit, I am getting slightly attached to Trinity County & I cannot fathom leaving in a mere 3 weeks right now. It is a little unreal to me...or I'm just in denial, I don't know... However, week #9 has TOTALLY been my week! I am the happiest camper in Trinity County right now, I guarantee it :)

Anyhoo, for those of you who were like "what the heck is a pilot car?!" here it is :P

Follow me!

Basically, it's a car with a blinkie light & sign that leads you through construction, lol. You gotta wait for this sucker before you can turn on the road to go where you need to. Everyone sits in their car with the engine turned off or gets out of the car & talks to other people waiting for this darn pilot car. It is actually kind of funny to watch since you don't see this anywhere else, haha!

At 11am, I had to go to a meeting for the MOST project to present the data that I have collected, analyzed & slaved over the past few weeks with the director of the agency, statistician for the project, director of MHSA, Dr. Anne & the MOST peer specialists. Needless to say, I rocked my knowledge like no other! Dr. Anne thought that I'd be a nervous wreck during the meeting with all these important people, but she's like "you didn't even look nervous at all, I was very impressed!" Score one for me! Dr. Anne also gave me major props during the meeting for basically stalking the whole staff to survey them about this project & whatnot, woot! I felt completely awesome the rest of the day :)

One of my clients made this out of all perler beads!

Thursday was my last all staff meeting. Mike & I said our thank you's to the whole agency for being so supportive & wonderful to us during our stay here. I got major props for my presentation of data at this meeting from those who were present at the meeting, heck yea! When the meeting was closing, I raised my hand & asked for a group photo, haha. I ended up herding everyone outside the building to take our photo. Brad said I was bordering on being pushy, but was proud of me for being assertive, haha.

Our wonderful TCBHS staff :)

I took my client on the bus again this Friday & he kinda freaked out thinking that the people on the radio hated him. I led him through a breathing technique he learned from Brad & he calmed down enough until we reached our stop. Anyhoo, since he came with me on the bus that morning, Brad said he'd take us on his favorite drive. We drove to French Gulch via 299, but then took Deadwood all the way back to Lewiston. He showed me how to look for old gold mines & the scenes on the drive were gorgeous! Our transportation lady was sad we didn't break shitty car #2, but we didn't want to get stranded in the mountain with no cell phone reception, lol. We returned the car all nice & dirty :P

Old gold mine

Yesterday was the dreaded Trinity County Fair day that we had to work at. Horizons (Hayfork center) & Milestones (Weaverville center) share a booth every year at the fair & Saturday was Milestones' day. Dr. Anne volunteered us to help out the Milestones people with the booth doing the button-making. Let's just say things did not go well between Mike & one of the MOST peer specialists & it was awkward the rest of the day we worked there. After working the first hour, I took my break & walked around the dinky hillbilly fair, lol. It took me like 30 minutes or less to see everything, how sad. However, I did buy myself a cute sterling silver flower ring. I also bought a cute gray beanie with blue glass beads on it from one of my coworkers, Katie, to support her! We both did a lot of playing hooky during our "work time." We went to eat Indian tacos, root beer floats, fried zucchini & Thai iced tea. Mike also taught me how to play Texas Hold 'Em, haha. For the last 30 minutes of our slave labor at the fair, Mike & I kept Kitty company at her booth for Trinity Transit. We had fun talking & laughing, I heart Kitty :)

Amazing quilts on display

Sign at the jewelry place I bought my ring at

The infamous "Lucy sign" that started the drama

I heart Kitty aka goddess of belly dance

After we found out that we finished at 4pm instead of 5pm, Mike & I bolted out of the fair towards home. We headed to the Lewiston Hotel & Bar to basically mellow out from our icky day at the fair. Danny only charged me $3.75 for 2 drinks, best bartender in the world! I was also hot yesterday night cuz I whooped Mike's butt in the dice game. He gave in, haha! That is all my adventures for my awesome week :)


  1. The pilot car is so weird! If I was new there I'd be so confused rofl! The sign your client made with the beads turned out really cool :)
    Props getting everyone out to take a pic! You'll like looking back at it when you leave. I can't believe your time is almost up there! Though I'll be glad when you're back! I've missed you SO much!
    Sorry about the fair being bad but a least you made out with a cool ring and had an excuse to go the bar haha Here's to having a great last few weeks!! Luv yas

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