Sunday, September 25, 2011

Home Sweet Home?

Well I've been back home for a week now & it has definitely been a process in acclimating back to city life. Actually, I'm still trying to adjust as we speak. I feel homesick even though I'm home. I would guess that I miss being fully independent in a slow-paced community that accepted & loved me. That was definitely tough to leave behind to come back home, but I'll adjust eventually...

On Tuesday, I drove for the first time since I came home on Saturday & what happens? I got a friggin' nail in my rear left tire! This is the first nail I have ever run over in my whole driving career & it happens the first time driving since I've been home, boo... At least I got my tire all fixed & the guy was nice enough to check the tire pressure in all four of my tires :)

Stupid motherf*cking nail, grr...

On Friday, I had the pleasure of hanging out with some of my OT girls: Meridith, Elaine & Judy! Meridith & Elaine's coworker let us borrow her four guest passes to the Monterey Bay Aquarium so we all got in for free, yay! Meridith & I had way too much fun making fun of the sign below & I'm sure you can figure out why ;)

I <3 this sign, haha!

Look at how cool the magnifying glass made this picture!

My favorite exhibit had to be the jellyfish exhibit. They are so pretty even though they sting you & it hurts like no other! I felt like I could just stare at them all day, but of course I'd probably get dragged away, haha.

Jellyfish exhibit = love

Yay for OTs & jellyfish :)

One of my favorite photos of the day

Turtles :D

The seahorse exhibit was another one of my favorites. The decor for the whole exhibit was gorgeous! I wanted to take home all the seahorse-themed metal gates since they were so beautifully done. The leafy sea dragon was my favorite seahorse since it was so exotic-looking.

In front of this cool seahorse silhouette :)

Leafy sea dragon

Sharky popped up to say "hello" :)

After finishing up the seahorse exhibit, we ended up near a kiddie play area & being a kid & all, I wanted to sit on the rocking seahorse! How many people do you know own a colorful seahorse like mine? Yea, I didn't think so, lol. We also found a big ol' clam shell & had to have a group photo in it. We're secretly mermaids, we just have our land legs on in the photo ;)

You like my pet seahorse? lol

We're actually all mermaids ;)

After visiting the gift shop & me buying a cute new wallet (blue & green turtles with a peace sign on their shells) with the 10% member discount, we headed back to Meridith's jeep. Of course, we ended up walking into the Nestle store & I bought myself a "death by chocolate" shake, which was really yummy! I had a wonderful time hanging out with my girls again after being by myself in Trinity County for most of the time. I can't wait to hang again, but now I gotta get ready for fieldwork #2 at O'Connor Hospital, yikes!


  1. Wow you got some really amazing pics at the aquarium!! I'm shocked you didn't take a pic of your shake to make us all drool :P
    Sorry about the nail at least it wasn't in 2 tires like mine! Darn nails!!
    I'm glad ur back! You'll get used to city life again in no time! :)

  2. Pretty pictures from the aquarium, makes me wanna go now :)
    aww stupid nail, luckily it hasnt happened to me *knocks on wood*, least the guy was nice enough to check all the tires! so thats a plus :)

    I'm glad you are back Twinnie!:)♥

  3. Anonymous3:29 AM

    It's amazing how different our pictures look considering they were both at aquariums! The jellyfish are TOTALLY different XD looks like you had so much fun though!

  4. WOW!! This place looks amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I wanna go darnit! LOL. James is in Cali right now! You just missed him up north! LOL

    Glad your back at home!! =)

  5. Anonymous11:27 AM

    oh my gosh i am sooo jealous!!! i love jellyfish and octopus, those are great photos too <3

  6. love the pictures !! Jelly fish's are so pretty but very deadly :(