Sunday, September 18, 2011

Trinity Fieldwork Final Week :(

This week was my last week in Trinity County & now I'm back home in the Bay Area. It was certainly bittersweet leaving what I consider my second home. Now I'm just in culture shock with adjusting back to city life after 3 months :P

On Monday, I did quite a bit of my discharge paperwork for my individual caseload as well as close out my independent living skills group with Connie. I was bummed that not everyone showed up for group, but it was a successful group in terms of goal setting.

On Tuesday, the meadow on the way to work had a massive amount of fog floating above it. Look at the photo below ;) After arriving at work & doing more paperwork, Mike & I went to Alpine House to close out our group there. We had root beer &/or orange creamsicle floats, om nom nom! The clients had fun on our last group & we enjoyed hanging with the guys one last time :)

*click to enlarge*

After closing at Alpine House, I met with my last individual client to close out my time with her. She called me her little fortune cookie, lol. Then I went with Brad to close out my time with our shared client one last time. Our client wrote my card for me & he said "Annie is the greatest" :)

Brad & I after dropping our client off home (cage car in the background)

On Wednesday, Mike got the huge raised county van to take with us to Hayfork for our potluck with our Hayfork folks. It was the longest ride into Hayfork ever since we had to go so slow with our super raised van. We had a fun time at the Ewing Reservoir with our clients & their significant others/family members though. Everyone showed up & we all had a great time for our last time together. Afterwards, we had a long ride back to Weaverville.

Left side of my cubicle

Right side of my cubicle

I got the new county jeep for our trip down to Redding after returning to Weaverville for our last supplies run. We basically got all our shopping done in a little over an hour & we got back to Weaverville before 5pm, new record! After dinner, I decided to go hang at the Lewiston bar with my favorite bartender in the whole wide world, Danny! I was finally able to use my tongue to tie a cherry stem into a knot, woot! Danny goes "you're good with your mouth...that came out so wrong, but I mean, you are clearly good with your mouth" LOL! I gotta love Danny :)

My favorite bartender in the world, Danny!

After doing last minute paperwork, we had our farewell party at Milestones (drop in wellness center). The MOST team (Bo Anna, Roslynn & Carol) planned an amazing party for Mike & I that included lunch, dessert & presents. They made BBQ ribs, baked zucchini, mashed potatoes & salad for lunch. Before Mike sat down to eat, Roslynn was like "you both need to sit down at the same time" & so we obliged & we found out that they pulled the whoopie cushion prank on us, lol. For dessert, they ordered an adorable carrot cake & yummy ice cream. Connie & Brad came by to our party since they won't be going to the staff party on Friday :P

BBQ ribs, baked zucchini, mashed potatoes, salad & my gifts

With Connie & the "gold" miner

With the MOST team: Bo Anna, Roslyn & Carol

Milestones cake for us

We're the king & queen for the day :P

I'm the mother effin' OT princess ;)

On Friday morning, I had my final evaluation with Dr. Anne. I already knew I passed, but I was super happy I got a 134 for my final evaluation (122 to pass)! I had a few 4s as well & I was ecstatic to be getting those since 4s mean that you're in the top 5% of that supervisor's interns! Then Mike & I had to finish up our miscellaneous projects (mine was to update the arts & crafts binder) as well as inventory. Kim made me a sash to wear all day that said "OT Princess" so I wore my tiara & sash for the whole time during my last day at TCBHS. Crystal made blackberry cobbler with ice cream for Mike & I to enjoy on our last day of work! It was super yummy, om nom nom! At around 2pm, Mike & I officially signed out as interns & walked out of TCBHS as entry level practitioners for community mental health, woot!

My contribution to the arts & crafts binder

Organized my teacher's file cabinet

Blackberry cobbler made by Crystal *drool*

Hello, I'm the OT princess of Trinity County

After booking it from work, I finally decided it was now or never to drive my car through Browns Mountain Road, a dirt road back to Lewiston. I must say, I was having a lot of fun driving on that road & even more fun knowing that my parents would freak at how dirty I got the car, bahahahaa! Brad came out the the apartments to help move Mike's couch to our shared client's apartment. He also helped me carry my huge cooler full of goodies before saying goodbye & heading back to work.

My car after going on Browns Mountain Road

At 7pm, Mike & I headed to the Lewiston Hotel for the last time for our going away party put on by the staff. A lot of the staff couldn't make it, but we had fun with the ladies that came out anyhow! Good food, lots of laughs, many memories :) After dinner, Mike & I headed over to the bar for our last time. I finally got the courage to drink a PP (pink pussy: beer glass half full with Red Bull with strawberry alcohol, shot glass with grenadine & peach schnopps)! Basically, you drop the shot glass into the beer glass & drain the drink as quick as possible. I didn't even feel buzzed after one, which was amazing. Danny came out to see us on our final night & he wanted to have a PP with me so I obliged & had a second PP! The night also included Danny running his crotch into my knee accidentally & spilling part of his drink on me, lol! Mike & I called it an early night at 11pm & headed back to our apartments. I could not for the life of me fall asleep with basically consuming one can of Red Bull from the two PPs I've had.

Our goodbye party @ the Lewiston Hotel

Having my second PP of the night with Danny!

Heck yea, I love the Lewiston bar!

Mike woke me up at 7am to let me know that he was heading out. I gave him a hug & then got ready myself. I went over to my client's apartment to say goodbye & he gave me a hug, aww! Then I packed up & left Lewiston for good at around 7:20am. I cried a bit while driving out of Trinity County since I felt like I left a part of me there :( That is the end to my adventure in the wonderful boonies known as Trinity County!

Goodbye Lewiston Independent Living Apartment #2


  1. It definitely sounded like a busy and emotional week! I'm glad you enjoyed your stay there so much! I really loved the pictures, especially the bar pics, LOL! :P I'm sure you'll go back for a visit soon!

  2. I'm gonna miss your gorgeous pics you keep taking of the scenery there! I'm glad your internship went so well and that you met so many nice people! Danny the bartender sounds fun. I totally want a pp haha!!! He spilled his drink on you lol!!!
    The food looks delicious and the cake is so cute!! Your princess pic now has me singing I don't like ur girlfriend! O:)
    CONGRATS! on passing your finals!! No doubt you would!
    Your apartment looks so sad to see you go :( Trinity seems like such a nice town to be in.