Monday, September 5, 2011

Trinity Fieldwork Week #10

Time flies when you’re working & having fun…with no supervisor in the country! Dr. Anne is out of the country for 2 weeks with her daughter so Mike & I have been having fun being absolutely free ;)

Kim brought her daughter’s birthday princess tiara to work for me to wear since I told her Danny kept calling me princess. I decided to wear the darn thing for like 2-3 hours after lunch & everyone at work got a giggle out of it. Shirley (transportation head) was all “where’s your float?” & everyone loved that I had the princess wave down, haha! It was actually pretty funny since I ended up using the tiara for the group I ran that day with Connie, saying that everyone should be treated like a princess & nothing less :P

OT Princess of TCBHS ;)

Hyampom day! I had to do a home visit with one of the clients & he lived in Hyampom (2 hours from Weaverville). Mike had to come with me since everyone was worried for my safety (ugh!). He was all whiney & pissy for the first half of the trip. He drove me to the client’s house & I was amazed at the client’s property. He had a gorgeous view, lived on an orchard & had 2 ponds, jealous! After doing a 2-hour session with him, Mike & I headed to the creek for our picnic lunch. Mike drove the county jeep down to the shore & then after lunch, we drove the jeep into the water, lol! Offroading, baby! Then we had to hightail it back home so we didn’t miss the road opening. I finally got to drive the county vehicle on the way home & it definitely made me miss my big ol’ SUV :(

Creek in Hyampom

County car in the creek, lol

I found out that one of my clients that I lead crafts group with is going to get hired by TCBHS & get paid 3 hours a week to lead the crafts group every week! I was so happy for her & I got the honors of giving her the great news! Unfortunately, I had to discharge her as well since she’ll be doing her job interview during our next session. I was sad I had to discharge early, but I could not be happier for her, she totally worked & deserved it all :)

After riding the bus with my client, I promised him that we’d make a tie dye shirt. We had to refill the bottles with dye so I took him to the client restroom & asked him to fill the bottle with water. Needless to say, he accidentally dropped the blue bottle of dye onto the floor, making the floor, wall & sink splatter with blue. I was horrified, but remained calm so that he didn’t freak out. We cleaned everything as best as we could, but the blue soaked into the grout already. Later Brad made fun of me & said I needed acid to get the dye out, lol. I owned up to Marlinda that I was responsible for the dye. That is craft accident #2 of fieldwork now, haha. Let’s hope I don’t have a #3 before I leave :P

Vinh is over for the weekend one last time in Trinity County! We both wanted to check out the Gonpa in Junction City so that is where we headed after a filling lunch at the Garden Café. The Gonpa was pretty cool & we ran into someone that kind of showed us around & told us a little bit of the history, which rocked. There was a retreat going on during our visit so it was cool that we arrived when they started lunch.

7 pillars

Some story that I forgot, lol

Prayer room with all copies of the original sanskirt writings

Remains of the llama that founded the Gonpa

After walking around the premises, I drove Vinh to Ripstein so that he could see how pretty the place I camped at was.

Chilling in Ripstein cooling off

We chilled at the creek there for a bit before heading home for a nap. Then we headed back to Weaverville to check out the art cruise, but it was an epic fail, haha. We decided we wanted dinner at the Lewiston Hotel & headed straight there. I ordered the coconut prawns, which were to die for *drool* Then we headed over to the bar next door for a drink or two. Trinity Sunset & Fuzzy Navel for Annie, yay!

Coconut prawns *drool*

Tiramisu *drool*

I made Vinh whole grain penne pasta with zucchini, yellow squash & veggie marinara. He decided to add some shrimp to it & viola, we had a super healthy lunch *giggle* I wanted to attend a redneck wedding that was going on at the Lewiston Hotel, but Vinh didn’t feel too social/up to it so we went on a drive around the Lewiston & Trinity Lakes instead. Afterwards, we headed back to take a nap & waited for the heat to die down a bit before walking to Goose Ranch Road to pick the sweetest wild blackberries ever. I got into a fight with the thorny bushes, but I came out with a ton of om nom nom blackberries. Vinh wasn’t so lucky to get so many, but it was an experience we’d never get in the Bay Area :P

At least $4 worth at the store for free ;)

I only have 2 weeks left before I have to leave gorgeous Trinity County & head back home *sigh* This next week will be tough with me discharging most of my individual clients & starting to close out all the groups I’ve been leading. I have gotten too attached to the please & people *sniff*


  1. Ahh so eventful! That coconut shrimp does look yummy and so does the tiramisu. Nomnomnom!

  2. You are most definitely a princess haha Too cute with the crown :) You never fail to put a smile on someones face. Off roading looked fun!! Glad you finally got to drive the county car before you had to come back home. Totally laughing at the now blue bathroom haha epic
    Never fail to post delicious looking food pics! *eyepoke*
    I'm sure all your clients and co workers will miss you when you leave! It would be super hard leaving all the people you've got attached to over the past few months! I'm sad for them to have to see you go but I'm super excited you'll be back! Miss you!! Enjoy your last couple weeks! Love yas!

  3. Absolutely adore the photos Annie!
    Glad to see you are back! Looks like you were having one hell of a time up there!!!