Monday, September 12, 2011

Trinity Fieldwork Week #11

ZOMG, I cannot believe week #11 just flew by. I only have one week left in beautiful Trinity County *sniff* I think I really consider Lewiston/Trinity County as my second home now. I will definitely leave a little piece of my heart here :(

It was Vinh’s last day in Trinity County for a long time, but he had to leave early so that he could get home & rest for an early day of work on Tuesday. We decided to make lunch at home to save money. We made ramen with zucchini, yellow squash, eggs & shrimp. It was so yummy *drool* After lunch, Vinh packed up & went home. I decided to finish reading the book Brad let me borrow called The Boy Who Was Raised As A Dog by Dr. Bruce Perry. It definitely will leave me a lasting impression & I wish I had read this book sooner in my fieldwork since it was so relevant to most of the clients I work with.

Effin’ Tuesday was probably the worst day of my whole fieldwork! When I first went into work, I thought it would be a pretty chill day: one group & try to finish more paperwork. Boy, was I wrong. Brad called in sick & there was no one to take our client (the one I ride the bus with) to do his weekly errands since our client doesn’t trust anyone (he’s paranoid). So Sally & Ann asked if I would be able to take him to do his errands for the day since I was the only one he trusted enough to get into the car with. I obliged thinking “Cool, I get to play Brad/case manager today!” Basically, after a full day of doing errands with him, I dropped him off & I drove a block down & literally screamed my head off because I was so stressed/hurt by the day’s events. The client basically changed his SSI payee system to get his check once a month (he cannot budget, yikes), change his medication pickup to once a month (he cannot manage his meds either) & not take the bus anymore. Well shortly after changing all that, I handed him his bus pass, he ripped it to shreds & threw it all over the parking lot! My heart seriously broke at that point, but I had to tough it out & drive him home, thus me screaming after dropping him off. I was so distressed when I got home that I actually touched raw shrimp (I hate touching raw meat) to cook for dinner & I also cried a little bit. Vinh said he’s never heard me that distressed before :/

Driving in the cage car :P

However, I did have one tiny bit of happiness with discharging one of my other clients. He was so sweet, I am going to miss working with this genius (literally, he has a Masters from MIT & a PhD from Stanford)!

I waited for Brad to come into work so that I could tell him the disaster I thought I caused (I really didn’t, but I felt bad). I walked into his office & I asked “Did you hear what happened yesterday with _____?” He replied that he didn’t, so I told him everything that happened & his jaw dropped at what I was telling him. He told me that it wasn’t my fault & that he was super sorry that I had to go through all of that due to him being gone one day. In fact, Brad now owes me dinner for what I had to go through, lol. Brad also found out that my client heard a lot of things he didn’t want to hear before the bus pass shredding incident & he told me that the client didn’t do it to hurt me intentionally. Afterwards, I headed to Hayfork for lunch & to lead my normal crafts group.

At the clinical meeting, my client (the one I ride the bus with) was the case study of the meeting. Brad reported that the client emailed him saying “a certain undergrad has turned me over to the police,” meaning me. Basically, I was crushed when I heard it since it was the first time I heard it & my client only link people to the cops when he gets paranoid & untrusting. I felt like all the rapport I built with him went up in smoke *sigh* Brad assured me that the client would forget he called me a cop by the next day since he is such a rollercoaster of thoughts/emotions at the moment.

After the meeting, I had to prep for closing my last pain management group with Julie, which is the first of many groups I have to close. Basically, we addressed being more active & what better way than with the Wii! But first, I talked with the clients about it being my last group & asked them to write me advice or a message on the index card I gave them so that I can become a better therapist. One of the group members said “No, you can’t go. I just got used to you being here and helping me & now you’re leaving. No, you cannot go.” It seriously breaks my heart having to close out & leave clients I care about :(

I also did my last crafts group with another one of my clients. After group, she had a job interview with Marlinda for her to have a 3-hour paid position to lead the crafts group every week. She was so cute before her interview because she was so nervous *giggle* She did wonderfully though & I am sooo happy for her. She has gone so far & I know she’ll do wonderfully continuing to lead the crafts group. Afterwards, I headed to Brad’s to do my weekly biofeedback & I did “excellent,” yay! I was super happy especially after the past 2 weeks of giggling through my whole biofeedback session & not getting into coherence whatsoever, lol :P

I had to prep to close my second group of the week: perinatal AODS (alcohol & other drugs services). This was my favorite group, I love my wild rowdy gals of peri. Anyhoo, I let them finish decoupaging their containers for the supplies cabinet & then I asked them to write me advice or a message as well. I was simply amazed at what these ladies wrote to me. For all their bitching & whining when I was there to “make them think,” they really appreciated the fun activities I brought in helping them on their road to recovery & staying clean/sober. Again, I was quite sad that I had to close out another group, especially a fun group like this one.

After lunch, I went with Brad to see our mutual client. I wanted to discharge him properly & not leave him hanging so to speak. Brad was right in that he totally forgot calling me a cop, lol. I asked my client to do the index card for me & to give it to Brad on Tuesday for me. Afterwards, Brad & I took a sidetrip (aka we played hooky for 30 minutes) to a little campground on Rush Creek Road. It was nice with a little creek & everything, very relaxing. Then we had to head back to work, boo!

On Saturday, I got up early to do my laundry & get ready for Steve & Derrick to arrive. They arrived a little after lunch & I took on a tour around Trinity County. I took them to visit the Joss House, walk around historic Weaverville, walked around the Gonpa & chilled at the creek at Ripstein. Then we headed to the Lewiston Hotel for a filling dinner of onion rings, large miner pizza & an apple/pear dessert pizza *drool* Afterwards, we headed to the bar to hang with Danny & drink, duh! Danny ended up giving me all 7 of our drinks for free in exchange for all the photos I owed him. I love Danny, best bartender in the whole damn world! Afterwards, we headed back cuz the motivator was kicking Steve’s butt, hehe. After sleeping for 2 hours, Mike, Nancy & Jim were knocking on my door so I snuck out for a few to hang with them at Mike’s while the boys slept.

With our pieces of dessert pizza that Steve dropped, lol!

I would've won $50+ if I bet for Shake A Shift!

With our last drinks of the night :)

On Sunday, we woke up & headed to La Grange Café for a super filling brunch. Last time having brunch at La Grange for Annie *sniff* Then I took Steve & Derrick to Miller’s Drive-In so that they could try the yummy pineapple milkshake. Afterwards, I drove them around to show them Lewiston Lake, the Trinity Dam & Trinity Lake. It was very mild on so we weren’t dying in the heat, hehe. Then we went to pick some blackberries before they headed out.

Blintz from the La Grange brunch *drool*

Afterwards, I took a nap from my food coma & then Mike & I had dinner at the Mountain Grill one last time & said bye to our waitress that knows our orders so well. Then we headed to the Lewiston Bar to say bye to Willie since we won’t see her again either *sniff* She gave us our drinks for free since it was our goodbye with her :)

With Willie, one of the Lewiston Hotel bartenders :)

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  1. I'm so sorry to hear about your client. That sounds like such a tough day :(
    At least he forgot about it and you had a good last meeting with him. It's sad about your clients not wanting you to leave. I wouldn't want you to leave me either!
    YAY! Steve got to visit ya before you went home! and remind me to never let him bring me pizza. haha
    The drinks you had look super yummy they are like neon blue! haha
    What up with all the delicious food pics! It makes me sooo hungry!!
    It was totally sweet of you guys to go visit all the people you had spent so much time with before you went home. I wish more people and towns were as nice as Trinity :)