Sunday, October 16, 2011

35th OTAC Conference Weekend

Nothing super exciting happened during my fieldwork this week, just that I am doing enough units to cover half a caseload already, woot! Main event of the week was the OTAC conference & the Art & Pumpkin Festival in Half Moon Bay :)

I left the Bay Area at 8pm to drive up to Steve's apartment in Stockton to spend the night. Steve was ever so kind to let me stay the night so that I didn't have to pay an extra night for a hotel in Sacramento. I totally got lost once I got off the freeway & he had to come get me, but that makes travelling more exciting, haha! We hung out & talked, had Mike's hard lemonade & skyped with Derrick before heading to bed at 2am :)

I'm in Stockton :P

I left Stockton at around 6:20am to get to Hyatt Hotel in Sacramento on time for Dr. Anne & the MOST team's session about the MOST project, which I helped gather & analyze data for for my student project up in Trinity County. Dr. Anne totally gave me kudos during the session for my hard work, yay! It was fun meeting all the interns before me & catching up with Dr. Anne & the MOST team.

Roslynn, Boe Anna, Carol & Dr. Anne

I ended up going to lunch with Donna & the MOST team at Johnny Rockets. Om nom nom chili cheese fries & a strawberry oreo crumble shake *drool* After stuffing myself silly, I said g'bye to everyone & walked back to the Hyatt Hotel for my chronic care management for diabetes session. That session was unbelievably boring & it was 3 hours long. I think I left the session 3 times just to keep myself awake; however, the information presented was great, just way too long. Afterwards, I met up with Jonathan & we went into the keynote address by our lovely faculty member, Kathleen Barker Schwartz. She talked about OT history in California so that was entertaining. Afterwards, we all headed to the Convention Center for the exhibition hall where we got free goodies, talked to vendors & future employers & had fun. Mike, Meridith & I ended up going to the Pyramid for dinner before heading to the SJSU student reception.

I had fun at the student reception since a lot of our professors were there & it was nice to catch up with them & with my fellow OT All-Stars! At one point, Gigi was dancing with David & she was all "Mike, dance with Annie," but Mike thought she wanted to dance with him so he did so. I ended up dancing with David all tango-esque with twirls & a dip at the end, haha! He was all "I'm going to dip you" & I went "No, no, no, noooo!" However, I ended up having a blast being dipped, lol! After the reception, quite a few us of us ended up at the hotel's lounge Amourath 1819 for drinks & hanging out. Shohei ended up buying all of our drinks stating "I'm the only one working right now so don't worry about it." I ended up getting a flirtini & it was yummy. Meridith had to buy me a cranberry & vodka as well even though I did not consent to it, haha. At around 12:45am, Meridith & I walked about a mile back to our Econo Lodge home where I promptly fell fast asleep :P

My mentee & I @ the SJSU reception

Mike swung by our hotel to pick us up to go get some breakfast before heading to our poster presentation of our Masters project: Independent Living Skills for Former Foster Youth! Five of our original 7 group members were able to make our poster presentation, what what! I felt all official initialing people's papers so that they get their PDUs for visiting & learning about our project. We also had a blast at the free photo booth & we took full advantage of it ;)

Team Foster Youth's poster!

Team Foster Youth with Pam :)

Photo booth fun #1: Purvi, Meridith, KFaith & I

Photo booth fun #2: Team Foster Youth: Jonathan, Mike, KFaith, me & Meridith

Photo booth fun #3: OT Fairy & OT Princess

Afterwards, Pam told us she'd treat us each a drink at the Amourath 1819 for a job well done & knowing our class, we all happily agreed & ditched our sessions to have a drink! Team Foster Youth & Team Veggielution having drinks with Pam, woot! It was so funny while we were ordering our drinks. Jonathan said he'd just get whatever drink I was getting & here's how the ordering went:

Me: Two perfect pears *points to myself & Jonathan*
Jonathan: Cuz you know we're the perfect pair! *hold onto his Tootsie sucker*
Server: Well isn't that romantic!
Jonathan: Yea, just don't tell her boyfriend ;)
Me: & don't tell his girlfriend ;) (same time as server)
Server: *to Jonathan* Well you're a sucker then! (same time as me)

We kept that perfect pear/pair thing going for a while, lol. But we are an amazing duo when we were partners for practicum & for our cupcake group in clinic! It was great catching up with everyone while drinking & having nachos :)

Team Foster Youth & Team Veggilution with Pam...

Pam bought us each a drink & nachos! :D

After drinking with Pam, we headed over to the other OT All-Stars table to hang with them 'til we all headed to dinner. We ended up going to the Pyramid again just because it wasn't crowded like all the other places we tried. Poor server had to deal with 14 OT All-Stars at one table, but we all had a blast. After dinner, Meridith & I headed back home & missed the freeway entrance like twice before finally getting on the road to home :P

OT All-Stars on Saturday night :)

Vinh & I left for the Half Moon Bay Art & Pumpkin Festival at around 9:30am, but got stuck in traffic on the way there. We got there in about an hour or so & found cheap parking at the high school. We were supposed to meet up with Devin & Meridith, but we couldn't find them & they basically finished & left, haha. Vinh & I went into the kiddie area & made ourselves a candle. Then we basically just walked around, shopped a little & ate food. I ended up buying a pretty pair of blue earrings for $10 & got this blue feather/hair extension put in my hair, hehe. Vinh also bought me a cute headband with 3 purple flowers on it. He said it made me look like a middle schooler, lol :P

Big pumpkin carvings

In front of giant pumpkins holding my candle & wearing my flower headband :)

Thus ending my exhausting, but incredibly fun weekend! Now onto week #4 at O'Connor & I'll supposedly start treating patients without my supervisor in the room now, yikes. Wish me luck :)


  1. haha Sounds like Steve and you had a great time :) Totally laughing at him having to come get you. I would so have been lost as well.
    It's awesome you got to meet up with your former OTs at the conference.
    I would have loved to have been there laughing when you got twirled and dipped!
    The photobooth was a great idea! Your pics are too funny!!

    You manage to make it to the cutest festivals! Those pumpkins are amazing! And awesome deal on the earrings! I wanna see! Have a great week!!! Love you and miss you!

  2. Wow, looks like you've been super busy! I'm so jealous that you got to go to the pumpkin festival. I wanted to go to that but I was busy training for my marathon.

  3. DAMN!!!! Annie ALWAYS on the go =)
    Glad to see you are keeping yourself busy =)
    Loving the intern eh?

    Cute pics <3
    LOVE LOVE the big pumpkins =)
    & SAC shouldn't have been that easy to get lost in silly! LOL.