Monday, October 31, 2011

I'm Engaged!

I cannot believe what went on this weekend, it was amazing! I'm FINALLY engaged *jumps up & down* :D

Vinh & I left bright & early at 5:30am & headed up north to my second home, Trinity County! We arrived at the Lewiston Hotel at around 10am & checked in with Kerry. He gave us room #3 (supposedly haunted) & we dropped off all our stuff there before heading to lunch at the Trinideli, where the best sandwiches are made *drool*

Room #3

Afterwards, we drove to TCBHS so that I could visit my old coworkers. After an hour or so, Vinh & I decided to go to the Red House to get some coffee to warm ourselves up with since it was like in the 40s up in Trinity in the morning. I never got the try the Red House when I was in Trinity County, but I'm glad I did cuz their mocha was yummy!

Proof I was @ the Red House

After the Red Barn, it was back to TCBHS. Vinh decided to go wander around aimlessly in his car while I visiting with more old coworkers & attend the Milestones Halloween party that they planned for the day cuz they knew I was coming up. I made a cute ol' mask at the party! Afterwards, Vinh came to pick me up & he drove us back to Lewiston via Browns Mountain Road to dirty up his car, woot! Afterwards, we decided to take a nap before taking a walk around old historic Lewiston. We went up Deadwood to walk across the Lewiston bridge, see the Old Lewiston Schoolhouse & play in front of the old antique shop.

Old Lewiston Schoolhouse

I'm explosive ;)

Then we headed into the Lewiston Hotel to have dinner. Vinh ordered the prime rib & I ordered my favorite pizza, the Traveler's Veggie *drool* After dinner, we headed to the bar & had two drinks each. We both had a PP, he had a fuzzy navel & I had a cruel ghoul.

Traveler's veggie pizza *drool*

Vinh started feeling buzzed so we headed back upstairs after his second drink. However, we couldn't fall asleep thanks to the caffeine from the Red House & the PPs we had. At around midnight, the couple that had the room next door to us came in & they started going at it & we could hear everything, omg! After trying to tune it out by plugging my ears with my fingers, I told Vinh we should go for a ride & hope they'll be done by the time we get back. We drove past Weaverville & stopped on 299 & looked up at the stars. It was breathtakingly gorgeous & you could literally see a million stars in the sky! I ended up seeing three shooting stars before we headed back. Of course, the two energizer bunnies were still going at it so we just decided to move to the opposite side of the hotel since all the other rooms were vacant. At least, we had a moan-free environment, lol!

We woke up around 10am & I headed downstairs to talk to Kathy about switching room keys. After telling her what happened during the night, she was all "I totally would've moved rooms, too!" Kathy is so understanding. After getting ready, we headed to Hayfork since Nancy told us it'd be pretty with all the leaves changing colors & whatnot & pretty it was! We had lunch at Irene's Cafe before heading back to the hotel. I wanted a nap.

At the top of the summit!

After getting back from Hayfork, I was wiped out. I totally needed a nap so I napped for who knows how long. Vinh said he was going out for a bit & told me to meet him out on the patio behind the bar at 5pm. I told him ok & thought nothing of it.

PROPOSAL:  I was like 2 minutes late heading down to the patio. As I reached the bottom floor, I ran into Kerry (the hotel owner) & he was all "Kathy is looking for you, I think she's in the bar." So I headed to the bar & I walk in with everyone looking at me & this lady that I've never met comes up to me & says "Hi Annie, I'm Kathy. Nice to meet you, come with me this way." I played along & followed her to the end of the patio where it overlooks the lawn & river. I look down & I see Vinh in a knight in shining armor suit walking a white horse across the lawn & towards me (Amy, Kathy's daughter, was there, too)! Kathy goes "I think you should go down to meet your prince" & I just nodded my head & walked down the steps to the lawn. I stood there (with what Vinh said a stance of attitude & an expression of "what the heck did you do now?" look) & waiting for my knight to arrive. He said a rhyme that basically ended with "will you be my wife?" & knelt down with the ring. Of course I said "YES!" & Vinh popped the ring on my finger & everyone watching from the patio starting clapping & cheering. Then Vinh takes his sword & places it on my head saying "I now make thee my wife," what a dork! Kisses were given & hugs from all the locals were received as well as a round a drinks from Bob! I could not believe how fairytale-like it was, it was absolutely perfect ♥

After the proposal with my knight in shining armor, my fiance!

Afterwards, we headed back upstairs to have some couple time before heading back down to the Lewiston Hotel for dinner again. About that time, just about every customer that came in was all "I heard that you two got engaged today!" It was pretty awesome how fast news travels here in Trinity County. After dinner, we headed over to the bar where the Halloween party was kicking off! I went & talked to my ladybug twin, Cheryl & told her the good news & she went ballistic happy for me! Also ran into my favorite person in Lewiston, Danny, too! He told me he was in on the proposal idea for the past 3 weeks & helped Vinh get a lead on where to get a horse. I cannot believe how willing to help the Lewiston community is, I love these people!

Cheryl, me, Vinh & Danny

Guess Danny got too close to Jason's fiancee ;)

The bar had a costume contest & during the contest, the MC announced that Vinh & I got engaged a few hours ago & everyone was clapping & cheering. It was a pretty amazing feeling! Not only that, as a couple, we were in the top 6 costumes of the night, woot! There were people doing karaoke all night & Vinh & I basically danced the night away. It was definitely a fun way to celebrate getting engaged!

The original horse, but plans fell through

My gorgeous ring!

That was basically the most amazing weekend in Trinity County & now it holds an even more dear place in my heart! I'M ENGAGED, WHOOHOO!


  1. Your first hotel room was gorgeous! Love all the wood. So many pretty places in Trinity!
    There you go again with all the food pics! :P'

    How incredible that practically the whole town you loved so much was in on the proposal haha Totally laughing at you with the "what did you do now?" face. =D
    I would have loved to see it! Sounds just like a fairytale! I'm so so happy for you and Vinh!!! He put so much thought into it and even got a horse!!

    You were too cute in your lady bug costume!! The picture of Jason getting Danny is hilarious.

    no more ring watch haha
    Your ring is absolutely gorgeous!! It fits your personality perfectly!!
    Wish you both all the best in the world!!

  2. I am so excited for you!! What an amazing weekend!! <3

  3. Anonymous7:48 AM

    I must admit, I teared up a bit reading the proposal story! It was SO sweet! I'm so happy for you! :D

  4. Anonymous7:55 AM

    I am So happy for you!
    I def got a little teary reading the story!

  5. Anonymous8:11 AM

    Oh my!! what a gorgeous ring!! congrats you two!! :D love love love! <3

  6. AWWWW WOW <3
    What an amazing weekend you had Msssss Annie!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am so happy for the both of you =) =) Any date setting yet???

    Good luck toots <3

  7. What an amazing proposal! Congratulations Annie!!!!

  8. What an amazing story Annie.
    tell Vinnh Congratulations he got himself One amazing Women =)

  9. OMG! Best proposal ever!!! <3 Congrats again! :)

  10. OH MY GOSH your ring is beautiful!! Congratulations to you & Vihn!! (sp) lol

  11. Anonymous11:54 AM

    Aww What a sweet proposal! Congrats!!! Beautiful ring <3

  12. OMG A how amazing & perfect was that proposal!! he really put so much effort into it!! its like something from cinderella or something!! love love your ring as P said suits your personality :)
    Im so incredibly happy for you & vihn & wish you both every happiness!!
    "And they lived happily ever after " :)

  13. Anonymous3:44 PM


    Vinh in that shining armor is so dorky LOL! I find that cute :D HAHAHA

    that ring is really gorgeous!! :D It suits you so much ... and the color as well apdhaspahdaos ANNIE BAO BEI ;A;~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ /SOB

  14. Anonymous7:16 PM

    Congrats. Your ring is beautiful.

  15. awwwwwwwww yay so happy for you both ! Congrats :D

  16. Anonymous8:16 PM

    OMGGGG! WHAT A SWEET PROPOSAL!! CONGRATS ANNIE!!!! What a lovely way to be proposed too! You're super lucky! Wishing you all the best honeypie!!!

  17. Anonymous8:36 PM

    AWWWWWWW *hugs and jumps up and down* what a sweet proposal story, i am so freaking happy for you twinnie! LOL this was definitely a dorky lovey- type of-moment for you guys but it was definitely WORTH the wait!

    That ring is soo gorgeous! AND All i can say is DAMN!!!! LOL

    :) ♥ Congrats twinnie once again!

  18. OMG that was sooo sweet, i'm so happy for you and totally jealous. I wish josh would do something like that. You soooo deserve this though. Your ring is absolutely gorgeous. Congrats i loved your little story what a nice way to remember it with all the pictures.

  19. i was waiting to read the story before i commented. how exciting for the both of you! congratulations!!! =D