Sunday, October 23, 2011

O'Connor Fieldwork Week #4

This week was a lot better at O'Connor since I finally got to treat patients without any supervision in the room! Granted, they are still within yelling distance, I felt more at ease & myself with my patients. I definitely had a boost of confidence & room to make mistakes & really learn from them. As a celebration for me working with a patient by myself & for our monthiversary, Vinh & I went to get some snow ice *drool*

Strawberry snow ice: strawberries, mochi, watermelon balls

I've been wanting to try running again as well as buy a thick new jacket as well so Vinh & I hit up the Great Mall for some shopping on Friday night. Vinh bought me this cute triclimate jacket so that I'm able to go out in the snow & not freeze my booty off. We bought the small in youth sizes, lol! It was cheaper than the adult sizes, haha. We then hit up Nike so that I can find some shorts & it ended up being pink, too :P

2 jackets in one

I love how it fits!

Nike shorts

After all our shopping, Vinh wanted to finish up all his credits at Dave & Busters. I played one game of Wheel of Fortune & I won ~1,240 tickets, woot! I ended up redeeming those tickets for 2 beer glasses & 2 shot glasses, hehe.

My haul, bahahaha

That's about it. I just finished updating my iPad, which took a few hours since it was whole new software & I had to restore all my goodies on it, but it's nice. Now only 4 more days at O'Connor before I can head up to Trinity County for Halloween weekend, yay :D


  1. I've never seen snow ice before! Looks very good! I want melon balls! SO not fair being able to buy stuff in kids sizes! So much cheaper! I love the jacket totally you! Congrats on the glasses they are pretty cool! Can't wait for the Trinity Halloween blog I can only imagine what trouble you will get into. hahaha Have a drink for me at Danny's bar!

  2. That looks so good Annie! And congrats on being supervision free with your patients now! You're going to be an amazing occupational therapist!

    That looks nice and warm too :)

    I got the update too, I like it!

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE the northface <3

    DAMN that's a lot of snow ice cream =)

    I STILL NEED TO TRY D&B! Never been! I got a gift card tho =) LOL I will make it one day!