Sunday, November 6, 2011

O'Connor Fieldwork Week #6

Midterm week! I'm so glad that I'm halfway through this fieldwork already, just 6 more weeks 'til I am able to study for my board exam (if I pass this fieldwork that is). Not a super eventful week though...

I was bummed I couldn't dress up & go to work at O'Connor. I'm sure it would've cheered up most of the patients there. At least I said "Happy Halloween" to all my patients & they seemed to appreciate it. It was awesome Halloween night in that it wasn't too cold to walk around in my costume. Vinh dressed up in his knight costume that he wore to propose to me *giggle* We walked around the neighborhood, but we were disappointed since all the houses that usually go all out didn't this year. Still, we had a nice walk around :)

Ladybug & her knight in shining armor

All Friday I was anxious because it was midterm day & I was worried about passing it. Lori basically wanted to do it after lunch before she got off work so I waited a good half the day before finding out I passed by one point! Passing is a 90 & I got a 91! A pass is a pass though. Of course, I knew I had to be more assertive & work on keeping a calm affect & not have a nervous giggle. Nothing new really... Now I just have to show them all that I can be a competent entry level therapist these next 6 weeks ;)

Passed my midterm!

On a random note, I've been engaged for a week now *dances*

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  1. CONGRATS ON PASSING LOVE <3 <3 <3 YAY!!!!!!!!

    I knew you could do it =)