Sunday, November 13, 2011

O'Connor Fieldwork Week #7

I'd like to share that week #7 has been filled with bodily excrements for me at O'Connor Hospital! I have been spit on three times (not on purpose) by two patients, got diarrhea on my scrub pants & shoes by another patient (stood up too soon) & had at least 3 patients poop in their bed. I am so glad that urine wasn't in the mix! Just the life of an OT intern at the hospital, lol :P

I would also like to add that I've been through emotionally heck this week as well. Let's just say my learning style doesn't mesh with one of my secondary supervisors & basically I'm made to feel unprepared to see a patient, thus becoming nervous, giggling more & making more mistakes that normally doesn't occur when I'm with my primary. Anyhoo, other therapists have seen this happen & have reported to my primary about this drift. End product is my primary is going to remove me from this secondary supervisor & find me another person that'll mesh with me more. All I can say is THANK GOODNESS! I was thinking that it was me this whole time not being able to consistently be safe & not learning! To celebrate this huge sigh of relief for me, Vinh & I went to the Lawrence Plaza for some snowice :)

Falling Fruit snowice *drool*

I woke up to Steve's phone call Saturday morning & he basically asked if I wanted to go with him to do the NOH8 photoshoot at the W hotel in Newark in the afternoon. I couldn't say no to him & neither could the sisters so we all agreed to go. The NOH8 campaign is very close to my heart & all the money that you pay to do the photoshoot goes towards the fight against discrimination!

Steve came to pick us up at 11:30 & off we went to Vallco for 3 of us to get a white top. I went to my store to get a white tank top while the rest of them went to Macy's. I met up with them there & stared at the Harajuku Lovers purse I wanted & I noticed that it was marked up more & then Steve said he can use his Macy's card to take an extra 15% off. With that deal, I couldn't refuse & I ended up getting it for $43 instead of $80! Afterwards, we went to Chipotle to get lunch before heading to Newark.

We ended up getting there 15 minutes late due to a wrong turn & being pulled over due to unsafe lane changing. However, the line moved quickly to get registered & then we got the NOH8 temporary tattoo on our faces done. Then we each ended up buying the NOH8 dogtag necklace for $5 at the merch table. We chose to sit in the lounge area while waiting for our number to be called. It was nice since the event had hor'dourves being served to us.

WISH pillows :)

After waiting for what seemed like forever, our number range was called & we got in line to pay. I ended up doing an individual photoshoot as well as a group one with the four of us together. The photographer was Adam Bouska, a Hollywood celebrity photographer, who also started the NOH8 campaign. He was very fun to work with! After my & Steve's individual shots, all four of us got to be directed on how to pose for our group one. Adam ended up doing one of the poses I originally wanted to do for our group, but we decided to let him direct. I was like "heck yea" when he directed us to do my pose, hehe! Overall, I had a great Saturday hanging with my sisters & my brother :)

NOH8, just love <3

That was basically my rollercoaster of a week. At least it ended on a high note :)


  1. You had a busy week!! Heck ya for finally getting to switch supervisors!! Hopefully the rest of your time at the hospital will be better!
    That snow ice looks so good!
    Congrats on scoring a cute purse! I want to see!!!
    As I was reading your blog George came in and saw the last picture and said, "are they ninja turtles?" I was like "? no?" hahaha
    Very cute pic of you guys!!!

  2. Annie, that's EXACTLY what happened to me last week -- you get so stressed out that you make mistakes that normally would never happen! Here's to a better coming week, minus the crap...literally in your case. O.o

  3. I am sorry to hear it was such a rough week for you =( I hope this next week is much better <3