Sunday, November 20, 2011

O'Connor Fieldwork Week #8

Compared to last week, I am having a fabulous time learning at the hospital now. It is no longer a huge burden to wake up & head to work every day! Granted I was supposed to watch a total knee replacement surgery this week; however, I was told the wrong date & missed it. I did get to treat this patient since I did see her in pre-op class. Dr. Wall walked in while I was treating his patient & was all "Where were you on Tuesday? I had 2 surgeries I wanted you to see" & I just grew smaller saying "Sorry, I was told the wrong date." I also had to report to him the next day since his patient wasn't faring too well due to her pain impeding her progress. Dr. Wall was nice about it though :)

I also got to see a variety of patients now & was oriented properly to ICU as well! I got to do a lot of hands on work with a CVA patient, lots of medical patients & my usual orthopedic patients. I feel like I've gotten a lot more exposure & more independence as well, yay! Almost all of my patients are under my name & color (which is pink of course), I feel good!

Also, I love how the trees look right now with an assortment of colors! However, I do not like the rain, it makes me feel all gloomy when driving to work & it's harder for me to "perk up" for my patients who are already gloomy themselves...

Gorgeous autumn leaves

On Saturday, Vinh & I headed to the Great Mall so that he can buy some new clothes for his work's upcoming holiday party on 12/3. I saw a sale at Famous Footwear on boots & figured it was time to go get my first pair of boots (yes, I've never really been a fan of boots). There were none in my size in the adult section so I headed over to the kiddie section & found a pair I liked for half the price of the adult boots! Then we headed to Gap where he found the clothes he wanted & I found a cute hat in the clearance bin for $3, woot! Afterwards, we just ate lunch in the food court, headed to Starbucks to get in on the holiday drink deal for the weekend & headed home to watch Harry Potter 5-7 :)

My comfy kiddie boots :P

Now my poor fiance is all sicky & I've been taking care of his bum all Sunday. He's not going in to work tomorrow, poor baby :(


  1. Total bummer you missed the surgeries! Hopefully you can make the next one he has =(

    Love the new shoes & such a adorable picture of trees =) =) I love these colors!!

  2. aww that's too bad you were given the wrong date but I would have been totally grossed out haha!
    pretty trees all changing color!
    Love your new boots! It's not fair you can buy in the kiddie section!! They sure don't look like kiddie boots though! Nice choice!