Sunday, November 27, 2011

O'Connor Fieldwork Week #9

I am now officially 75% done with my fieldwork, yikes! Only 3 more weeks to go to prove that I can be an entry level occupational therapist! I had one patient who I adored over the course of the week & the way he ended up in the hospital was hilarious! One of his relatives left a frozen 16 pound turkey on the floor & he tripped over the turkey, fracturing his pelvis. Though a fractured pelvis is painful, he was very upbeat about it, saying things like "I kicked the Turkey!" Lori proceeds to say "I think the turkey kicked you..." I love patients that I can joke around with & are good sports :)

I had Thanksgiving off thankfully! I spent lunchtime with Vinh's mom & his aunt over at Vung Tau for Vietnamese food. Afterwards, I went to Vinh's workplace for about 2 hours & just hung out. Then Vinh & I went to Black Angus for their Thanksgiving dinner since I never had turkey on Thanksgiving before. Let's just say I got stuffed silly there & had to waddle out, lol! I didn't go Black Friday shopping this year since I had to work & I didn't want to be half awake & then drop a patient. That would be no bueno :|

Molasses bread, cream of potato soup & my sangria

Turkey, sweet potato, cranberry sauce, stuffing, broccoli

Pumpkin pie :)

On Saturday, Vinh had us double date with his classmate Vi & her fiance. We went to Gokaku for dinner & it was ok. It wasn't as awkward as I thought seeing as how I barely know Vi & have never met her fiance. I ended up eating two pieces of raw fish, which still weirded me out. At least I tried, blech! Afterwards, Vinh & I went to visit his grandma at El Camino Hospital. She hasn't been doing well & today she was transferred to CCU (critical care unit) so keep her in your thoughts please! His family has been at the hospital praying all day today & she hasn't been alert at all today :(

EDiT: Vinh got a call around 7:45pm tonight that his grandma stopped breathing, less than an hour after he left the hospital. Keep his family in your thoughts during this time pretty please ♥


  1. oh my gosh it's so awful that he hurt himself but hilarious about the turkey!!!
    Wow your lunch and dinner looked amazing!!!! I can't believe you had never had turkey before on Thanksgiving. Don't you usually have duck? See I'd like to try that.
    It sucks you didn't get to go black fridaying at least you got to live vicariously through me standing in line freezing my butt off outside target haha! I'm glad you were online to keep me company!
    I'll keep Vinh's grandmother & family in my prayers. I hope she pulls though.

  2. Wow, I too had my Thanksgiving dinner at Black Angus. It was a pretty good deal and the food was not bad!

    I hope his grandma gets better!