Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 Reflection

~finished Project 52
~treating my first client in clinic
~going to do bloodwork & finding out my blood type
~baking cupcakes for the first time with Jonathan
~found my love for the Kindle
~serving as vice president for Pi Theta Epsilon
~photoshoot with Brenda
~graduation with my Masters of Science in OT
~turning 24
~visiting Brenda in Santa Maria
~moving out for 3 months to intern in Trinity County
~experiencing a true Americana 4th of July
~fell in love with destruction derby
~found my love for the iPad 2
~went camping for the first time in Ripstein
~9-year AnnieVinhsary
~being the OT princess & crafts queen :P
~drove on my first dirt road
~OTAC conference & presenting my Masters project there
~drinking with Pam after a job well done presenting at OTAC
~winning 1,000+ tickets for my first time playing at DnB
~engagement weekend <3
~NOH8 photoshoot
~passing the hardest fieldwork of my life at O'Connor Hospital
~trying on wedding dresses

I said I'd never put bads again since we're focusing on the positive now :)

~travel more!
~plan wedding & get married
~continually learn about OT
~become more independent
~cook/bake more & post recipes
~review products on my blog
~be more "green" in general

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  1. whooohoo Congrats on all you have accomplished this year! You deserve a great year next year! I'm so glad I got to be part of the past year and can't wait to party it up through the next! Rock on!