Tuesday, December 20, 2011

I Won...Not Really!

About 1-2 weeks ago, STAR 101.3 FM emailed me saying I was a past contestant to enter to win free Daughtry concert tickets & that since I entered back then, I am eligible to participate in this contest to win a pair of concert tickets to see Daughtry & the Plain White Ts. I decided to enter like I usually do since it's free & you never know, right? Fast forward to tonight & I decided to sift my spam folder for some reason. I saw an email titled "You've got tickets to see Daughtry at Jingle Ball" & I totally went FML! Apparently I won the darn tickets, but the email was sent to my spam on the day of the concert, ughhh! I just had to share my frustration & to say to check your spam folders >=/

*click to enlarge*

1 comment:

  1. ahhhhhhhhhh! :( Stupid e-mail going into the spam folder! Hopefully you'll have a chance to win again sometime! SO sorry anniebanannies!