Saturday, December 31, 2011

Last Week of 2011

My oh my has 2011 flown by; however, it was simply an amazing year for me!

Xmas has come & it was time for the day after xmas shopping to begin! The only thing I really had my eye on was to buy all the discounted Ghirardelli peppermint bark square bags (50% off @ Target) that I could since they are only out during the holidays. I ended up getting 4 bags (2 regular, 2 dark chocolate) for less than $10, score! My sister & I also stopped by CVS so that I could redeem my free hand cream, hehe.

Peppermint bark galore, softlips & hand cream

After lunch, Sonya gave me a call & asked if I wanted to go shop with her at Valley Fair. She didn't realize that the day after xmas was a major shopping day & that the mall would be packed. We ended up hitting traffic getting there & having to wander for parking. Afterwards, we wandered around the mall, but didn't buy anything except our drinks from the Fresh Healthy Cafe.

Acai smoothie & passion-orange-guava iced tea

After the shopping madness at the mall, Vinh wanted to go shopping since he'd been at work all day. We head to the other Target nearby & I ended up buying 2 LED mini xmas trees for my sister & I. We dub them the "midget trees." I love them & they're constantly plugged into the USB of the desktop :)

Our midget trees :)

After finding out that the Severns-Pease display was no longer going to be continued due Severns passing away, I went in search of other LED light displays in the area that went with music. Luckily, there was one in my neck of the woods still at Lewis Lights. It's literally like 1-2 minute drive away from my place. It was cute & fulfilled my urge to see awesome xmas lights :)

I love how the arches look like eyes for the house

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  1. It has been a great year for you!!! whoohoo!!! All that chocolate! Kiyore must be extremely happy! I love the midget trees! How cool that they plug into the usb!
    Those lights are awesome! + I see a jamberry nail! SO pretty!!
    Happy New Year Annie Banannie! I hope you truly have an amazing year next year! Party it up!
    haha my captcha word is minti