Saturday, December 17, 2011

O'Connor Fieldwork Final Week

It has finally come to an end, I finished & passed my physical disabilities fieldwork at O'Connor Hospital! This also means that I am officially done with my graduate school career & school in general, woot! All that is left is the dreaded NBCOT (licensure) exam :P

On Monday, I taught my last total knee replacement pre-op class & it went smoothly. I did it all by myself with Lori just watching. Later on, the clinical nurse manager of the unit came & told me I did an amazing job teaching the patients, woot! Tuesday was my last day being supervised by Gaby since she was going on maternity leave. She said I'd be a great OT, yay! Also, the RN that does pre-op class told me that during one of his follow up calls to the patients, a previous patient of mine said that I was the nicest, sweetest, understanding OT. The RN said she totally raved about me during that follow up call :)

Gaby & I :)

On Thursday, I went to sign onto all my patients & noticed that I couldn't find one of them on the active patient list. Then I decided to look on the "all patients list" & to my dismay, I saw that she was "expired" (I hate that term btw). I was sitting in the ortho gym when I saw that & I was completely upset (on the inside) since it was the first patient I had that passed away to my knowledge. I just sat there for a minute & thought about how I just evaluated her for OT the previous day, how spunky she was complaining about how her left butt cheek hurt. It was just unreal to me :( Despite that, I was able to prove I could carry a full caseload that day. Since Lori didn't say anything about keeping me another 2 weeks, Vinh took me out to Black Angus to celebrate early on my passing :D

Om nom nom food!

Friday was my last day at O'Connor & I decided to walk around the outside of the building, take in the fresh air on a nice sunny day. Nice day for my last day for sure :)

Goodbye badge :(

We try our best to say "I will" to the patients

Front entrance

Close-up of the front entrance

I went up to the break room & Isabel & Dana come in looking for Lori. Isabel broke the news to me that another one of my patients passed away the evening prior about 40 minutes after I left work. Again, I was upset on the inside, but I had to move on since I had work to do. I left the break room & headed into our office to look at my schedule for the day. I see that Gary wrote a note on the OT board. Then I go to sign onto my patients & Dana calls going "Come to the break room right now! Thanks!" I figured something was up so I log off & enter the break room & most of the rehab staff was there with a surprise brunch for me as my going away party!

Aww! You can see my pink magnet, too!

Cookies, fruit salad, french toast, sausage, bacon, juice & coffee...

Goodbye locker!

After brunch & seeing two patients, I sat down with Lori & she went over my final evaluation. Obviously, I passed, but with the bare minimum of 122. However, considering the awkward circumstances I had to go through the first half of my fieldwork, passing is pretty darn good! She wrote a summary about me as well.

Annie has worked very hard during this internship to overcome some challenges. I am proud of her for being so dedicated and willing to keep trying. This was a different environment for her at times since it often requires: confidence, assertiveness, flexibility & strong communication skills. I have seen great growth with Annie during these 12 weeks and know she will continue to grow & learn in whatever area she decides to practice as an occupational therapist.

I met with Gary as well to talk about the internship program & how things went. Afterwards, I had lunch, did my last evaluation & said goodbye to the staff! I had to hand over my lock, keys & badge :(

Lori & I in front of the OT board

Gary & I in front of the OT board

Chris & I in front of the OT board

My congratulations card from the staff :)

Despite all the difficulties I've had at O'Connor, I actually enjoyed myself the last two weeks & I am proud of what I was able to accomplish! Now I can thoroughly enjoy the holidays before starting to study for the dreaded board exam :)


  1. I am so proud of you Annie!! Congratulations on passing and no more schoolwork!! whoohoo!! I'm so sorry about your patients :( It was great that they had you as their OT. You are always so bright and cheerful :P
    I'm glad you uploaded pictures! They weren't what I pictured at all! So I'm glad to put a face with the name! Here's to a great new year and you getting your license! r ya down down down down down! :P

  2. Woooo! Congratulations Annie! You've done some amazing work (which it looks like everyone else has appreciated) and come a long way! I hope you have some fun to celebrate this great accomplishment!

  3. WOOOOHOOOOO!!!! Congrats Annie <3 You truly deserved all this! You are so stinking sweet <3 Looks like everyone thought the same as well, with a hard worker! GOOO ANNIE <3 <3

    (Seriously, my good verify word is HATING, now why in the world on such a great post, would they ask that to be the verify word)