Sunday, December 4, 2011

O'Connor Fieldwork Week #10

Holy moly, I had the longest friggin' work week ever! I had to work 6 days this week & that included the weekend, but I survived. Let's just say I started off the week badly with Lori being somewhat disappointed in me (due to my inconsistency with leading co-treatments with PT) to her faith in me restored today with my consistent leading in 2 of my co-treatments today!

My dad's birthday was on Friday & so was Vinh's grandma's funeral. I decided to stay home with my family & let Vinh's family grieve & spend time together. I technically never got invited to go to the funeral so I assumed that I shouldn't go. Little did I know, that morning his family kept asking "Where's Annie? She's supposed to be here!" Vinh explained that I was spending time on my dad's birthday & his relatives go "Well grandma really liked her so she should be here instead!" Let's just say his family is not the happiest with me at the moment, but they're being civil. I still plan on making Vinh take me to his grandma's burial site so I can visit her since I didn't go to her service. Anyhoo, after spending time with the family, I headed to the mall to do some xmas shopping. I ended up visiting Ilona at customer service to say hello to my old coworker & caught up with her & the mall gossip! Then I headed to Santa set & caught up with Santa AJ as well. As usual, I ended up getting a complimentary photo with my old boss :)

I'm his original elf ;)

On Saturday after work, I hurried home & got dolled up for Vinh's company's holiday party at the Biltmore Hotel. Let's just say I was there to show off my ring & be a good fiancee. At least I was okay with it since I had a few people to talk to, but it was mostly an old people party. Vinh ended up winning the best male dancer award at the end of the night & got a scarf & gloves, lmao! Before leaving the party, the macarena came on & I had to teach one of his coworkers since she did not know it *gasp* :P

Go table #1, tango!

In the lobby after the party :)

Two more weeks to go so keep your fingers crossed for me so I can pass & then head to Disneyland to celebrate :D

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  1. First off how can someone NOT know the macarena?!

    Hopefully Vinh's family will understand you weren't entirely comfortable going to the service. Vinh knows that you are there for him any way you can be.
    The Holiday party sounds festive! Best Male Dancer sounds so funny haha Congrats to him for winning.

    I hope your weeks go by super fast so you can go have fun with Mulan at Disneyland!!! :P

    Love you a!!