Sunday, December 11, 2011

O'Connor Fieldwork Week #11

Oh snap, this week just flew on by! People at O'Connor noticed a big change in me. As Gaby put it, "What happened to Annie? She is totally different, like something clicked." & as Lori responded, "Maybe it's cuz I threatened to keep her 2 more weeks if she doesn't do well." In any case, something in me did "click" & everything in the hospital made sense to me. I wasn't having a hard time thinking of treatments to do, I just did 'em & I was able to carry a full caseload all by myself. I hit 23 units of productivity (goal is 25 units/day)!

I did my inservice on Friday for the rehab staff. My topic was behaviors associated with dementia. I basically outlined what the behaviors were, what are the possible causes & possible responses/solutions to those behaviors. I was literally panicking up until like 15 minutes before my inservice began. Why you say? No one told me I had to reserve a projector 24 hours in advance so we were scurrying around trying to get a projector. Luckily Mannix saved the day & got me one. He was pissed at me though, but the See's chocolates won him over, haha! My inservice lasted about 25 minutes & overall everyone was supportive of me. After it was done, I turned around to ex-secondary & said "Thank you for giving me time to research my topic when I was following you. I ended up using most of that information in my inservice." He seemed to light up so hopefully he's not mad at me anymore (he hasn't spoken a word to me since week #6) :P

On Saturday, Vinh & I went to go visit his grandma's grave. The grave marker hasn't been set yet, but we were able to identify her grave by the fruit and incense his family left. I brought a single pink rose with rose petals & scattered them over her. We both lit some incense for her before we left. It was eerie yet peaceful in a cemetery. Usually, I get the creepers whenever I am close to a cemetery, but I guess having a loved one there makes it different.

Later that night, Vinh & I took my sisters to go see the Fantasy of Lights! Needless to say, I think we all had a blast looking at the xmas lights. My sister recorded the whole thing & it was hilarious what was said during our 24 minute drive through the park! After, we went to get some chili cheese fries, om nom nom!

Let us begin!

Hello little elf :)

Tunnel of lights (no, I'm not high)

Me hanging out of the car window :P

With my lovely fiance

Santa on his motorcycle :O

Santa's little helper

The end of the road...

One more week to go & then wedding weekend is a go! :)


  1. YAY!! Congrats bestie friend of mine! I'm glad that your last week of interning is going well. I bet they'll miss you!! You are always so good with people. :)
    Totally laughing at your no I'm not high comment and then next we see you hanging out the car window. ahhhahaha
    The fantasy of lights looked fun. The vid of Helen's was hilarious! SO many icon worthy quotes.
    Have a great week!!!
    Love yas!

  2. I'm so jealous of you going to fantasy of lights, they do something really similar down in TX and this is the first year in like 3 that we aren't going! SSOO funnnn!!!