Monday, December 19, 2011

Wedding Planning Weekend

What does Annie do to celebrate being a free woman from graduate school?! She does wedding planning aka "wedding weekend" with her wonderful fiancee!

On Saturday, Vinh & I had an appointment to check out our possible wedding location at 11am. We headed out around 9am & got to Half Moon Bay way too early so we stopped in at McDonald's for breakfast. We then decided to head over to Hastings House to see where it was located. Once we arrived at the location, we were blown away since the beach was literally right across the street from our wedding location. In addition, it was like the perfect weather out with the sun shining, the ocean was super blue & we weren't freezing our tooshies off! Since we were still early, we decided to take a stroll along the beach. To my surprise, I found an intact sanddollar shell :D

Lovely stroll on the beach before our appointment

We headed back to Hastings House to meet Linda (the owner & coordinator) outside in the front sweeping. Linda showed us around the garden & talked about how inside the garden is 20 degrees warmer than the front of the house due to the trees protecting the garden from the wind. Neat fact & it was indeed warmer in the garden than it was in front. She showed us photos of previous weddings & told us that rent was between $1,500-$1,850 for 50-80 people. The rent includes the location, the cottage (where the bride gets dressed up in), chairs, arch, musician & coordinator (wedding only, no reception). I think both Vinh & I pretty much decided we want to book this place as our location. Now it's just figuring out how we want everything done there :)

*click to enlarge wedding ceremony area*

View as you leave Hastings House

Afterwards, Vinh wanted to go horseback riding, but we couldn't find the place. We ended up giving up & heading home *giggle*

On Sunday, I had an appointment at David's Bridal at noon to try on wedding dresses in hopes of finding THE dress. I brought along Vinh, Steve & Sonya for my appointment. My consultant was Judy & she was a sarcastic lady, but she did what she had to do to get me into these over-sized gowns. Originally, I thought I would like the simple dresses...

Every princess needs her tiara ;)

My consultant found me size 5.5 heels to wear during my appointment

Look @ my gorgeous maid of honor (not the color I want btw)!

My third choice :)

However, I ended up saying YES! to the second dress I put on, which was elaborate, strapless & had a train, all things that I thought I did not want for a dress. Thank you to my bestie Louise for telling me to try this dress on because it was the perfect one for me & it was a unanimous vote for my audience, too! Vinh ended up buying the dress along with the tiara right then & there. I got to ring a bell for the whole store to know I found THE DRESS! We ordered a size 0 for me & it'll arrive in about 15 weeks, yay :)

The winner: look @ the details, eek!

I think our faces say it all :)


  1. WOW. Love the location you chose, LOVE LOVE LOVE that dress <3
    Annie you are GOING TO LOOK AMAZING <3 <3 <3! Good way to celebrate grad as well =) LOL

  2. :D You look so beautiful Annie!!! I love the dress, I love the location, the tiara is beautiful and so is your MOH. I soooo wish I could be there to share in your special day. GAH! :P Seeing these pictures reminds me of planning my wedding and how fun it was. I wish I could relive it all! xoxoxo

  3. EEEEEEE! You found THE DRESS! Annie it is gorgeous! And you look divine! Are you going to be married on the grass at Hastings House? If so, watch your heels, my cousin got hers stuck in the grass at a golf course as she walked down the aisle, haha. :P

    Is that yellow going to be your wedding color? Or is that just the style of dress your MOH will wear? I hope you'll keep us updated with your choices! :)

  4. IHDSJHKFJGK! You're not supposed to let him see the dress!!! lmao The dress is beautiful and I love the shade of yellow too :) Congrats! You're gonna be a beautiful bride <3

  5. adsiasbdahuaoldasd PRETTY DRESS. THE 2ND ONE WAS MY FAVORITE TOO ;~; awww that is so nice & so exciting *U*! ;w; asdsiandas. Annie is so cute in it hehehe!

  6. OMG that location is gorgeous!!! And I absolutely LOVE your dress! I had soooo much fun planning out wedding, make sure you look on pinterest they have so many amazing ideas! ♥

  7. I love Hastings House A its a beautiful location!! will be amazing to be part of your special day there!!
    I can't believe you found THE DRESS!! & it was one I told you try on I knew you would look amazing in it!! love the bridesmaids dress too looks great on sonya. I can't wait now im so excited!!