Sunday, December 25, 2011

Xmas Week

What's life after being an intern & grad student? Truthfully, it was initially quite blissful to sleep in & not do anything, but it quickly became boring & I had an itch to do something! At least the past few days were eventful!

Since Vinh had to work on xmas day, he got Friday off so we decided to go to Pebble Beach earlier than expected. Vinh still went into work for ~2 hours so that he doesn't have to stay the full 8 hours on Sunday. Anyhoo, it was absolutely perfect weather for Pebble Beach! The sun was shining & it wasn't freezing cold as you would expect in December near the shore. Our main objective was to figure out the spots that we'd like to have our engagement photos taken, hehe :)

I forgot to zoom out, but it came out cute!

We saw a bunch of kiddos of all ages building these stone towers & we thought we should be cool & build one, too. Ours definitely wasn't the tallest, but we put a twist onto it with a half stone at the top instead!

You like our stone tower? :)

Looking off into the distance...

I almost fell off trying to sit on the fence, lol

We had fun climbing down China Rock to explore the tidepools. I love looking at all the little critters that live in there. Not to mention Vinh making me take an epic photo, haha!

Vinh knows I'm in charge ;)

Cute little shells & pieces of smooth glass


@ the Lone Cypress

After finishing up in Pebble Beach, Vinh & I headed to Carmel to have dinner at Portabella & then watch the gorgeous world famous sunset before jetting back home!

Kisses @ Carmel

Seared scallops, prawns & citrus salad

Angel hair with mussels & rock shrimp

Sunset starting @ Carmel

My face is nonexistent :P

I love this scene <3

Since Vinh & I haven't gone to see Xmas in the Park yet, we decided to have a simple day yesterday to do so. I had to go get a peppermint mocha from Starbucks since it didn't feel right without one. Vinh had a craving for kettle corn so we stopped by the stand to get a bag. Vinh didn't want to go on the rides from Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch since I made him ride one with him last year, what a bum :P

Yakult: it's here! (watch vid below for reference)

Vinh saying "it's so bright" haha :P

Miniature model of the old SJ firetruck

Cutest gingerbread house display

After waiting for weeks, I finally got to open my presents from the besties & the fiance! Even little Kiyore got something from his auntie Paula *giggle* Thank you everyone for my wonderful gifts & happy holidays :D

Kiyore says "thank you auntie Paula"

Gifts from L: shirt, chocolate, makeup, body spray & bracelet!

Gifts from P: scarf, socks, eco-bag, body wash & spray!

L's shirt & P's scarf

Flirty apron from Vinh ;)


  1. MERRY CHRISTMAS ANNIE BANANNIES!!! You look so cute in your new apron!!! Here's to a year full of baking ;)
    haha too cool your scarf matched L's shirt!
    I'm glad Kiyore enjoyed his chocolate yumm! He should be happy I pried it out of little Kiyoru's paws?, footsies? pom pom legs?. haha

    Love love the hat A! Did Gavin get you to wearing hats too? :P
    You look totally cute in one!

    My gosh the Carmel sunset is gorgeous isn't it!
    I definitely want to go treasure hunting for cute sea shells and stones!!!
    I can tell by all the gorgeous pics you must have found some perfect engagement photo shots!

  2. Happy Christmas A!! so glad you liked all your presents. the shirt look great on you!!
    Wow pebble beach & carmel look amazing im sure you will have amazing photos can't wait to see them!!