Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Blast From The Past

While cleaning out my photobucket, I came across an album called "life" & was thinking "what is in there?" Come to find out, there were very old photos in there from my childhood, end of high school & beginning of undergrad life. So let's take a journey back in time *giggle* Click on read more cuz this will be filled with 20 of my favorite photos ;)

Me (back) & my cousin on a playground in Hong Kong

My fourth birthday with my older cousins

Kindergarten with Jeffrey @ Moffet Field

Caffeine structure - Chem AP c/o '04-'05

The owner looks so much like Forrest Gump

My precious puppy Lucky that I had to give away :(

Senior ball with PJ & Thach

Senior ball photo, hehe

Annie graduated high school!

Walking with my partner Josh

All night party after high school grad

You wanna tanqueray with me? ;)

Purikura with Vinh, hehe

First celeb encounter: William Hung

My favorite non-OT professor: Lindahl

Playing with the eye toy @ Cheun's

Jill, Sunnary & I in physio lab

Physio lab group

Jillo made a desktop for our physio lab computer

Playing on the playground

That's the end of that! Hope you enjoyed my photo spam :)


  1. This was a lot of fun to look at! :) I should do something like this! lol

  2. WOW. I love looking at OLD photos <3 <3 Those are the best =)

  3. Weren't you the cutest thing!!! I loved seeing pictures from your childhood! Sucha a great idea to post 20 past pics! :):) Glad I could be a part of your time warp ;)