Sunday, January 22, 2012


I'd like to present you all with my besties aka the bridesmaids! Aren't they just beautiful gals? *giggle* Sonya is my maid of honor while Paula & Louise are my bridesmaids.

Sonya, Louise & Paula

I have pretty much decided that I want these lovely ladies to wear this bridesmaid dress & hopefully in these colors since I like the gradient. Sonya would wear the marine while Paula & Louise would wear horizon & malibu. Why blues you ask? Because it'll match my blue sapphire on my engagement ring. Plus, Vinh & my best friends are true blue. I chose this dress because it looks like it fits many different body types & it came in many different colors as well. Plus, I didn't want to choose a dress that was ugly so I pictured myself wearing this dress & being happy :)

As for their hairstyles, they can pick & choose whatever they want to do, whether it be long or short, up or down, etc. I think it would be cute to have them wear silver shoes & those can be mismatched to whatever they end up buying (flats, sandals, heels). I believe that comfort comes first! Plus, all the mismatching would show off each gal's individuality :)

What's next in wedding planning? Well, I've scheduled my engagement photo session with Simply Two Photography's amazing photographer John Yao for February 9th at Pebble Beach, specifically the 17-mile scenic drive! :D


  1. I think those dresses are so beautiful Annie! I also love all your ideas and the gradient effect is awesomesauce

  2. Wow! You are an awesome bride ;) I have heard so many horror stories of brides choosing awful bridesmaids dresses, but the one you chose is so cute! I love the gradient idea too! That gives you so much more room to be creative with the decor and it fits so well together. I love gradients lol. I am so excited and happy for you and your ideas are really great!

  3. I love the dress you chose! SO pretty and flowy. The gradient effect will be cool and different from just having the same dress on each of us. Now just to find the perfect shoes haha
    Congratulations A and I'm honored to be a bridesmaid! :) :)

  4. A i love the gradient effect a great touch!! & the dresses are super cute :) Im also on the look out for the perfect pair of silver sandals. So happy for you A & i feel so lucky to be part of your special day xxx