Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Engagement Ring

I realized I've never really shown off just how gorgeous & detailed my engagement ring is! That is doing a disservice to the ring & to Vinh!

My engagement ring in it's box

The middle is a heart-shaped Kentucky blue sapphire. On either side of it is three little diamonds that form a triangle with the top of the triangle pointing away from the sapphire. Then it has details on the band which include four tiny diamonds in a groove on each since of the detailed band. Gorgeous, no? Vinh did a great job in buying me a stunning engagement ring :)

The blue that reminds me of Trinity Lake...

Side view of the detail & you can see the tiny diamonds

View from the top down

Why the spur of the moment entry on my ring? Well, we went back to Shane Co. today to start looking at wedding bands. It's hilarious because the last time we came in to look at engagement rings styles, Steve helped us out. Today we walked in & who do we see but Steve again. He remembered us & wanted to see the finished product so I showed him & he said it was a "simply gorgeous ring." Anyhoo, I think we've found the ones we like; however, we're going to wait a little longer before buying them in case a new style comes out that catches our eyes later! :)


  1. Steve was right it is an absolutely gorgeous ring!! So sparkly and pretty!!! Vinh did a great job getting you the perfect ring. It fits you! ;)
    Congrats my anniebanannie!

  2. It really is very beautiful :) a beautiful ring for a beautiful girl! :D

  3. such a beautiful ring annie boo! Congrats again!<3 :)

  4. And once again...*SQUEEEEE*
    It really is gorgeous! Are you going to have a custom band that fits snugly next to it?

  5. I'm glad you are no longer doing a disservice to the ring or to Vinh! :) It's absolutely stunning!

  6. o0o it's nice to see it in detail! It's a very pretty ring. We also got our ring from Shane Co too! :)

  7. Love love love this ring <3 <3 =)

    How exciting! Time is flying by!