Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Haul of the Day

Well today was pretty much a day of going out, haha. In the morning, my family went to my grandparents' house to visit them for lunar new year's. We took them out for lunch before heading home. Shortly after arriving home, my mom asked my sisters & I if we wanted to go to Walmart & Daiso. We obliged & a little over 2 hours shopping. My mom ended up buying me two cute tops from Walmart. I bought two eco bags, an empty fan (to decorate for my engagement photoshoot), & gifts for Paula & Louise.

My two tops from Walmart

Shortly after arriving home from shopping, Vinh came over. After dinner, we decided to go check out the another Blockbuster store that was closing nearby. My sisters came along as well. Vinh & I ended up spending ~$84 for: Desperate Housewives seasons 2-5, four Harry Potter DVDs & Shutter Island. The guy ringing us up did it wrong so we got some of the DVDs for cheaper than what it was supposed to be due to him ringing it up as from warehouse instead of from store, haha. He didn't really care & I loved it!

My DVD haul, haha

Afterwards, we just had to stop by Verde to get some pearl milk tea before calling it a night :P

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  1. That was sweet to take your grandparents out! :) I love the shirts you got! That green will be gorgeous!!! Awesome deal on your dvds!!! whoohoo!!!
    There ya go again teasing me with the chewy balls tea :P haha