Monday, January 2, 2012

Hello 2012

The new year is here & I rang it in at home with my family & Vinh! Vinh & I made a quick run to Target to buy some goodies to make drinks. I ended using an old glass container as my makeshift shaker for the cocktails. It worked perfectly fine & the drinks were fab. I should be a bartender ;)

Last photo of 2011 - my drink supplies ;)

Vinh & my sister made a run to Jack in the box 30 minutes before midnight cuz we all started getting the munchies. As the clock struck midnight, I got my midnight kiss (& so did Kiyore)!

Double kissies

First NYE as an engaged couple!

I spent today organizing my dresser, getting into family drama (which resolved thank goodness) & being a bum. Yup, pretty lame first post of the year, but whatever :)


  1. The drink definitely looks yummy! You should totally be a bartender! lol!
    Kiyore & Kiyora stole the pic with their new years kiss :P
    They are such cuties!
    Hope you have a great New Year!
    Love yas!

  2. Aww, happy new year!!