Monday, January 2, 2012

Monster Corner Bookmark

Monster couple by yours truly

I saw these cute corner bookmarks on Pinterest first & wanted to make one for Vinh since he always loses his bookmarks (post-its, random paper, etc.). Anyhoo, I found the original post & decided to give it a try! For step by step instructions, please go visit I Could Make That. I tweeked the size of the pink one to make it smaller & made Asian eyes instead, hehe :)

Boy munching on Vinh's book

Girl chewing on Vinh's book


  1. Those turned out too cute!!!! I must make some!

  2. omgosh that has to be the cutest idea I have ever seen. Thank you for posting Annie!!

  3. that's a very cute idea!

  4. Those are so cute!! :D I soo wanna try this!