Sunday, January 8, 2012

Pacifica Perfume Roll-On Review

Pacifica Hawaiian Ruby Guava Perfume Roll-On

I decided as a resolution this year that I would try to review more products I use & to go along with another resolution, try to be more "green." This will be my first review & the product is the Pacifica Hawaiian Ruby Guava Perfume Roll-On. However, I wanted to talk a little bit about the company, Pacifica, as well as their stance with the environment. The company was started by Brooke Taylor, who at a very early age loved mixing different aromas together. Quality is always the most important rather than marketing simply because the company utilizes a grassroots vision: if a customer loves their product, that customer will tell her friends & so on. The company is committed to: trying to achieve their goal of have zero manufacturing product waste, recycling and using post-consumer materials, using & working with local suppliers, & sourcing locally instead of abroad.

Love the design of it

Now onto the product itself! How did I stumble upon this lovely product you ask? While strolling around Sprouts with Vinh. I was waiting for Vinh to checkout when I saw on one of the tables some cute & brightly colored boxes. I stroll on over & noticed they were perfume roll-ons. For me, I have always disliked perfumes since it always made me sneeze &/or irritated my skin. However, I decided to sniff each scent regardless. As soon as I sniffed the Hawaiian Ruby Guava scent, I fell in love! As the company describes it, "this sexy and sultry tropical blend combines sweet, berry-like notes of guava with a bright, citrusy top note of pomelo and a warm and subtle coconut base." I wish there was like smell-o-vision so that you could smell this through the computer screen! Since Vinh wasn't done checking out yet, I promptly grabbed one & placed it with his items, haha. The perfume is 100% vegan, not tested on animals & a portion of the proceeds goes to supporting clean water.

Roll-ons are the best!

Needless to say, I glide some of this on everyday before heading out. What is also a plus is that since it's so small, I can just slip it in my purse & take it with me in case I need to freshen up! I will definitely be getting another one once this runs out & possibly another scent :)


  1. I am seriously dying to smell that! I love the design too! :D

  2. I love the packaging! They definitely get an A in that! Would love to smell as well. Too funny you snuck it in with his stuff!