Sunday, February 19, 2012

Hakone Gardens

After discussing it for a while, Vinh & I have decided that we did not want Hastings House as our wedding site. Why you ask? The lady in charge had too many terms we had to comply with & it really hindered our creativity & how we could personalize our wedding. It's a pity since it was a beautiful location *sigh* However, we did decide to look up Hakone Gardens!

Ceremony site

We arranged for a tour of the place (even though we've been there) on yesterday & Daniel was our lovely guide. He works at the garden & is part of the event staff that assists with weddings. The above photo is a photo of the garden area, or ceremony site. Where the three round bushes are is where Vinh & I would stand in front of. Of course, it'd be more green come August.

Main Gate

Above is the Mon (or Main Gate) & in the photo, you're exiting the garden. We are allowed to hang things on the Mon's wooden beam for decoration, which I love! Plus, when the wedding ceremony starts, the gates would close & you could have something decorating the closed gates as well.

Lower House

The above photo is the Lower House & where I would get ready for the ceremony. However, I think I'd be dressed & ready by the time I come so it's more of a hangout place for my girls & I. It's currently being renovated & will be done by March so there'll be no problem for me. They're making it accessible for wheelchairs (the geeky OT in me is giddy about this)! You can close the screen doors inside so that no one can peek at you, hehe.

I asked Daniel if I could have a photobooth I made set up & he said I definitely could along with a small table for refreshments for our guests. Totally lovin' this location since it's closer to home & it gives us way more freedom to make the wedding "us." We're probably going to book it within the next month or so & I'm excited :)


  1. Everything worked out for the best! You picked a beautiful location! I remember you've always loved Hakone and once thought it would be a perfect place to get married so how wonderful is it that you've found yourself back there! Your pictures will turn out so gorgeous there!

  2. Oh man, I thought you were set on the Hastings House -- it's too bad they wouldn't make accommodations for you!

    But I've been to Hakone Gardens and it is a gorgeous location! Good choice! :D I can't see the picture too well, but is there a little open space between the three bushes? Because I read that as "we'll be standing in the bushes," lol. :P

  3. That's gorgeous!
    i can totally picture an amazing wedding there.