Friday, February 3, 2012

He Qi Blue Flower Cuff Set Review

I shall now be reviewing the wonderful blue flower cuff set that I received from He Qi Crystal Designs yesterday!

Look at the adorable packaging

Miss Lisa is the owner & designer over at He Qi Crystal Designs. She makes amazing jewelry of all sorts & she also dabbles in beauty products. Can I tell you I was super excited to get my package from Lisa yesterday?! The packaging that she stored my jewelry in was adorable. What's even better than it being adorable was that it was eco-friendly & biodegradable (box, ribbon & zip-lock bags)!

What did I order exactly? I was browsing Lisa's shop a few nights ago & immediately fell in love with her blue green flower cuff set. I saw that she also did custom commissions so I emailed her about possibly changing the green portion to a darker blue so that it'd go with my wedding colors. Lisa was very nice about & said that she could do it as long as the bead shapes remained the same; I had no problem with that! We collaborated & she was very quick in showing me photos of the finished product along with my inquiry of a matching ear cuff example for my bridesmaids. I ended up receiving extra goodies from Lisa in my package along with my blue flower cuff set that included a sample of her solid perfume & a free gift of the example bridesmaids ear cuff! Thank you so much Lisa! :D

Blue flower cuff set

Blue bridesmaid ear cuff

Note from Lisa, thank you! :D

Sample of solid perfume

At first glance, I thought the cuff set would be heavy. Once I picked the set up, they were very light! I ended up wearing them all day yesterday & it didn't feel like my ears were getting pulled or anything, which is perfect for the wedding day! I also decided to try on the ear cuff to see how it fared staying on & again, no problem at all.

Me modeling the cuff set

Me modeling the ear cuff

I shall definitely be ordering the extra ear cuffs for my bridesmaids as their wedding gift (you're welcome gals) & more jewelry from Lisa in the future! I'm already eye-ing the rockstar angel cuff earring set for the future. Thank you Lisa for your amazing work! ♥


  1. That looks super cute Annie! I am so excited for you!

  2. They turned out amazing!!! Every time I see the pics of them I notice another small detail that's totally cute like the chain on your cuff being little hearts!
    They will be so pretty for your wedding!

  3. Anonymous1:12 PM


    Wow-- thank you for your kind words all around. I'm very happy that you're satisfied with your purchase. You also took beautiful, super flattering photos of the jewelry-- again, thank you.
    I look forward to helping out again whenever I can :)

    Till next time,

    - Lisa