Saturday, February 25, 2012

Macy's Wedding Registry Event!

What did Vinh & Annie do today? Macy's wedding registry event! Special thanks to Cindii for the head's up about the Macy's wedding registry party for being better than Crate & Barrel's! My sisters decided to tag along since it was located at the mall & they could wander around while we did our scanning. They ended up coming down fairly shortly to help us scan & eat free food as well :P

Om nom nom free food!

Vinh & I ended up scanning 58 items, way more than what we scanned at Crate & Barrel's, lol. We liked the selection at Macy's better because they had more variety. Plus, the atmosphere was more fun as well with so many more employees there helping us with our decisions.

Our high tech scanner

At 8pm, the event had a raffle for all the engaged couples to win some goodies. Vinh & I ended up winning a pair of DeLonghi cappuccino mugs (all thanks to a couple being a no-show, haha)! Lucky #330084! We also got a bag with pamphlets as well as a gift card for $25 to & $50 for! Much sweeter hauls compared to Crate & Barrel. I'm so Asian, lol. We'd definitely recommend going to the Macy's event over the Crate & Barrel one ;)

Our lovely raffle prize

Our bag of goodies

If you'd like to get us something from our registry, feel free to go HERE to do so! We'd love you if you did :)


  1. Yay! Glad you enjoyed this one. Congrats on winning a prize!

  2. yay gift registry party! Sounds like you and Vinh had a good day indeed and congrats on winning a prize! :)

  3. Yummy food, prizes, and fun! Glad you were able to find more things and had a good time! I bet Vinh was happy you talked him into another registry! haha