Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Rita Fleming: Check!

After 6.5 weeks, I finally finished reviewing material from the Rita Fleming study guide for the NBCOT exam. My gosh was it a tedious study guide!

Yup, I was excited!

I posted this achievement as my status & a student a cohort ahead of me replied with this: Annie, you are a champ! I never finished that book! Why are you waiting till March?!?!? Crazy me, haha!

Stupid study guide *kicks it*

Well, I still have three-ish weeks until I take the dreaded exam. I think I'll try to do a practice exam again tomorrow & then review all my past course readers...then wish for the best on exam day *crosses fingers*


  1. Congrats on finishing! Good luck in your studying and exam!

    On a side random note...I was reading your side bar thing and about Vinh. He plays SC2?! My fiance is addicted and in love with that game. They should play together. But we warned, my fiance is very competitive.

  2. Congrats annie! You've spent a lot of time studying you'll do great at your exam!