Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day

Today marks the tenth Valentine's Day I've spent with Vinh & our first (& only) as an engaged couple! However, Vinh had to work during the day, but I had a good time keeping myself preoccupied like I have been since I've finished OT school.

I caught a deal at TinyPrints for a free Valentine's card & I'm so glad I ran across the one below. It was friggin' perfect for Vinh! He totally laughed when he opened it later on in the evening, score one for Annie :)

Vinh poots little clouds, bahahaha

Inside of his card

Paula sent me our annual Valentine's day package that contained random goodies inside including the shirt I wore today (future OOTDas well as goodies from her brothers & mother. My sister preordered a game, but she was working all day today so I had to go pick it up for her. On the way in, I went to get the mail & I got my package from He Qi Crystal Designs! My lovely ear cuffs that I ordered had arrived & I am so pleased with the results, thank you Lisa! She also gave me a sample of her solid perfume, matcha mint lip balm & the bath tea packet (that I won in her little giveaway). They all smelled really nice & the lip balm is great so far :)

Blue ear cuffs for my bridesmaids, green for me, yellow for sis

Solid perfume & matcha mint lip balm samples

Sample of bath tea

Vinh got off work & came over to whisk me away to dinner at Olive Garden. We waited for about 30 minutes before being seated, but we were fully stuffed with all the food we ordered. However, my favorite part was my little dolcini dessert: dark chocolate cake, chocolate mousse & caramel *drool*

My little dolcini

I told Vinh he didn't have to buy me anything, but of course he did anyways. He ended up getting me a flower that opened up & a cute card. I love my fiance ♥

Flower & card

Inside of my card (there's a hidden message for me)

Flower opens up when you push a button

It was a very chill Valentine's day, but I got to spend time with my future hubby & I couldn't ask for anything more!


  1. That's a really cute card! I love Tiny Prints~ I have to wait until this weekend to celebrate vday.

  2. The card you got Vinh was too funny!!! I love the funny ones!
    The card/flower he got you was precious!!
    Glad you had a great Vday and you liked all your gifts :)
    The ear cuffs turned out gorgeous as always!