Sunday, February 5, 2012

Wedding Registry Party!

Today was the winter wedding registry party day at Crate & Barrel! Vinh & I got to spend two whole hours in the store before it opened with other engaged couples with our trusty (okay, not really) scanner at hand. There were vendors there to show off their products & hand out free samples (om nom nom panini, smoothies & free food). I went over to grab a panini & the girls doing the paninis & smoothies exclaimed "Oh my gosh! You have a beautiful ring!" I looked at Vinh & found out he didn't hear because he was busy looking at some colored coasters, lol.

While looking at all the different types of glasses we could choose from, Vinh was putting one back & knocked over a martini glass, shattering it. Thankfully, we didn't have to pay for it & the workers were really nice about it. My guess is that it happens often with it being placed at the corner of the display & all, lol. We ended up scanning 34 different items & in varying quantities. We tried to pick out things we really needed & a few we wanted.

Our scanner for the morning

At the end, the store gave us a free goodie bag. It had a Super Bowl bingo card attached on the front, a copy of Today's Bride magazine, a small catalog for a knife company & a little glass vase! :)

Our pink bag of goodies

Goodies within our bag

Opening my box to find...

...a cute vase :)

I've checked & our registry isn't up online yet, but hopefully it'll be up soon. If you want to get us anything from our registry, feel free to. We'd appreciate every gift! Look up Annie Wong (co-registrant: Vinh Mai) in like a few days :)

EDiT; Well I called the store & they were like "You didn't upload at the kiosk? You didn't create a blank registry first?" Was I really supposed to do that because there was nothing on the website saying I had to do it before going to the party, lol. But the second guy that helped me in the afternoon was very nice & would upload all our scanned items onto our registry within 24 hours. Our registry is officially online now sans items currently :P

EDiT 2; Our registry is officially online now with our scanned items now *dances*

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  1. That's great!!! You got sucha a pretty vase! Totally laughing at Vinh knocking over the martini glass. haha Can't wait to see what you guys picked out :P