Thursday, March 8, 2012

Engagement Session Part Deux

I'm not even going to talk about the exam, but after awaking from my nap, my dad gave me a package from John of SimplyTwo Photography! I was so giddy since I was just saying to Vinh the other day that it'd be awesome if John's package arrived on test day. I shall now leave you with my favorites out of the 160 photos, enjoy :)

PS - Our feature on SimplyTwo's blog!

Chillin' at our first location

He makes me laugh all the time

Thumbs up for his kisses

Sitting near a parking lot!

Making me laugh again

He's my rock to lean on

I heart this photo :D

Piggyback time

"Don't drop me!"

"Hey there stud" ;)

Holding onto forever

Vinh: "I like showing off her butt"

O hai there

"John, I'm afraid of heights!"

Little moments with you

John: "Eww, stop making out!"

Our wonderful little masterpiece

My favorite photo!

Well I hope you enjoyed those! John says he'll be posting a blog about our session in the near future so I'll be linking that up as well :)


  1. Love those pics A!!!! It was well worth the wait!!!! Can't wait to see his blog! :) :) My fave photo is the same as yours!

  2. You two are seriously adorable.
    These came out wonderfully. <3

  3. Your photographer did AMAZINGGGGGGGGGGGGGG <3 <3