Saturday, March 24, 2012

Great Mall Haul #2

Yup, Vinh & I somehow ended up back at the Great Mall & ended up shopping again. He spoils me, I swear. I'll definitely have to spoil him back once I get a job & start making money. Here's my mini haul thanks to Vinh :)

Navy polkadot ruffled skirt

Brown leather jacket from Wilson's Leather

The skirt is from Aeropostale, original price was $39.50, but it was marked down to $12.99. The jacket is from Wilson's Leather, original price was $120, but marked down to $29. I wasn't going to get the jacket, but Vinh thought it looked good on me & that it was too good to pass up :P


  1. LOVING the leather jacket!!! The skirt is totally you! If I saw it I'd be like "oo that looks like A!" too cute!! great haul! :P

  2. Very nice and they look so great on you! :)