Saturday, March 10, 2012

Great Mall Haul

I had no plans today so I called up Vinh & asked him if he wanted to go to the Great Mall. He said sure & my sisters decided to tag along. We split up once we got there since we all like different stores. I went with Vinh & he wanted to stop at Sport Authority, which he ended up buying some work shoes there. Then we walked around & ended up at the food court so we decided to have lunch. My sisters joined us shortly & then off we went again to walk the other half of the mall. Vinh wanted to get some froyo & then we somehow ended up at Wilson's Leather.

Cute camo jacket

Leather jacket

They were having a huge sale with up to 70% off & if you bought two clearance items, you get one free! Vinh bought a jacket & a belt & he ended up buying me two clearance jackets: one in camo & one in leather. One of the workers there told us about the deal & ended up going all over the store to find me jackets in small! I was very surprised that she really wanted me to get two jackets, haha. She was super nice & helpful though :) Both jackets were originally $150, then marked down to $99.88. Since it was 70% off, each ended up being ~$23 something! Since Vinh paid, one of my jackets was free ;)

After, we went to Papaya so that I could see if there was anything cute on sale & I ended up getting the three items below. I couldn't resist the cute panda crop shirt for only $5. I was always interested on how rompers would feel so I tried it on & ended up getting the red one. It'll be interesting to see what I can come up with to make it worth to wear outside the home, haha.

Panda crop shirt

Red romper one piece

Gray light jacket

Afterwards, we were all just beat & headed home. Vinh & I ended up napping & awoke to yummy dinner by mommy dearest! My haul basically was less than $60 today, woot :D


  1. *gasp* Wilson Leather! I LOVEEEEEE Wilson Leather. We don't have them here so every time I'm in Texas or Kansas we have to stop at them. :) :) I WANT TO STEALLLLL that leather bomber jacket! I can't believe you got it for $23 or free. LOL
    The camo one is amazing too! + panda shirt looks so comfy and cute! I like rompers but they are never long enough on me.
    Awesome haul!!!! *dancey*

  2. Absolutely adorable <3 <3
    I am coming to raid your closet :) LOL