Thursday, March 29, 2012

OTR Gift Reveal

Over the past two weeks, I ended up buying two gifts for myself as a "job well done" for passing my board exam. Now it's time to reveal them since one of them arrived in the mail today :)

Custom panda charm necklace

First, I bought a custom panda charm necklace from Oborocharms by Kim (review coming in the near future). I was browsing Kim's deviantart account & stumbled upon this image of her recent custom work & saw this adorable panda charm! You all know I love pandas so I wanted one of my own. I chose a pink star since my cohort is known as the OT All-Stars. I wanted OTR/L written on the back to celebrate my passing of the exam. The three stars below it was to fill up space so it didn't look so empty :)

Coach F17210 purse (image source via Google search)

Afterwards, I was shopping at the Great Mall & stumbled into the Coach outlet. I saw the F17210 purse & fell in love. Definitely not the traditional Coach design & I wanted something fresh. The lilac & gold was definitely fresh from all my other Coach purses. Plus, it was more than 50% off so I couldn't pass up the deal ;)


  1. I am definitely not a purse kind of gal but I can she say that that there is a nice looking purse! Way to go Annie and yay for over 50% off!!

  2. Love the purse! So cute! <3 Congrats on everything lately :)

  3. CUTE Panda Necklace <3
    & I absolutely ADORE the coach purse!!! I love love love COACH <3

  4. Anonymous8:39 AM

    Cute lil charm, I love it :)
    Totally love that purse too!

  5. The charm is so cute and I LOVE the purse! <3

  6. Love your new coach and the panda necklace is adorable! Congrats you deserve em! :P

  7. LOVE them both!!! I need a panda necklace!! Adorable as all get out!