Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Wedding Announcement

I don't think I've done a wedding post in a while so here's a little update. Vinh has family all over the USA as well as the world & so do I. Only difference is, his family wants a formal announcement of our wedding & wanted us to send a wedding invite to every relative. Vinh & I want an intimate wedding of 80 guests or less. We did not want to actually invite anyone we've never talked to &/or confuse them in thinking we did invite them when we didn't. Of course, it's very disrespectful on his side if they are not informed so we decided to make wedding announcement cards instead via Wedding Paper Divas (part of TinyPrints).

Front of postcard

We decided to do a postcard since our overall wedding feel is for our guests to be comfortable & what's more casual than a simple postcard. Vinh & I browsed through the blue-colored postcards & the Looped Monogram caught our eye with the cutesy calendar & the simple typography. It was originally a save the date card, but we modified it so that it looked like an announcement card instead.

Back of postcard

We felt that we should tell his relatives how he proposed so I wrote a little fairytale of our own for them to enjoy. I wonder if they'll actually believe the story or not *giggle* We also linked them up to our wedding website on WeddingWire if they wanted to buy us a gift or just read more about us & the wedding process.

Now we're working on our wedding invitations, booking our ceremony venue, looking for a reception venue (already have one in mind), making the flowers/photobooth/props & buying our wedding bands to name just a few things. Busy bees we are ;)

EDiT; Oh crap, I noticed I mistyped our wedding website link *facepalm* Oh well, no biggie since it's only one character wrong, bahahahaa. I'll just creatively cover it up before sending them out! :P


  1. Aww! That's so cute and creative :D So you <3

  2. The cards you chose and personalized are very creative!!! Love the design and real life fairytale :) His family will love them!

    ROFL about your face palm moment

  3. These are so pretty! Simple can be the best. :)

  4. LOVE ITTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    <3 <3 <3 I am so excited for you two <3

  5. Yay for another wedding post!! That postcard is cute. Since I'm not having any official wedding ceremony, I'm going to make wedding announcements to send to relatives and frieds.

  6. Anonymous12:12 PM

    Ahhh! I love it. Very creative and so adorable. :)