Saturday, April 28, 2012

Cherry Blossom Festival

Today was the first day of Cupertino's 29th Cherry Blossom Festival. I wanted to check it out like I do every year. I enjoy looking at local art & clothing (I bought my graduation dress at last year's festival). Vinh & I enjoyed walking around Memorial Park looking at all the goodies.

Lots of colorful pinwheels!

What ended up catching both our attentions were these little ecosystems with little shrimp in them. They were in these cute little containers that have decorative shells, flowers, gravel lava & coral. These cute little ecosystems can be found at Ecosystems of Hawaii, Inc.

"A very unique self-contained ecosystem in brackish water comprised of small red shrimp known as Opae'ula. Indigenous to Hawaii, they naturally inhabit inland pools. With tidal changes, the shrimp emerge from underground lava tubes where the ocean water meets & mixes with mountain fresh rainwater to form brackish water. The average life of the shrimp is between 2 & 3 years in captivity. At full maturity, they can grow to half of an inch....Sudden movements are a disruption to the environment & may cause the shrimp to temporarily lose their bright red color as they attempt to camouflage themselves with their background. Once settled, their red color will return....With the balance of light, temperature, algae growth, water & a little love, you can enjoy these fascinating 'living little souls' for several years."

Needless to say, Vinh wanted to buy some pet shrimp & I couldn't say no since they were pretty cool. This is especially awesome because you don't have to feed them or change the water. You just simply leave them in a place with the temperature between 60F to 80F & watch them live in their little world :)

Unveiling our little ecosystem

Can you spot our three little guys?

Close up of the 3 Opae'ula

Afterwards, Vinh & I went to buy Chipotle home for lunch & rested a bit. Then Vinh headed off to help one of his groomsmen load up the moving truck. My sisters & I headed to Vallco to take up the Facebook coupon at Victoria's Secret (get an exclusive panty with any purchase). I ended up buying the Pure Seduction fragrance mist. The scent is red plum & freesia & it's one of the few scents that I really liked & didn't want to sneeze my head off. So basically for $4, I got the mist & the panty, yay!

VS fragrance mist & panty


  1. Anonymous8:54 PM

    adbasodals those pet shrimps are so cute! aww i love the bottle too :D

    haha pretty panties :P!

    1. They are so cute! Sometimes they swim around in circles, lol!

      Pretty FREE panties ftw! XD

  2. Awww, little shrimpies! Are you gonna eat them when they mature? ;)

    1. I can't eat them after naming all three! Yes, I named all three whereas Vinh can't tell which is which ;)

  3. ohhhh how cool <3 <3
    I love that little shrimp container!
    I so want one :)

  4. Angel panties! haha too cute! Those shrimp are totally weird! rofl at Brenda for wanting to eat them. The bottle is pretty they came in! So much better than a regular fishy tank.

    1. Yes, angel panties! You will meet my shrimp babies come August, haha! ;)

  5. shrimp babies are you still alive? haha enjoy my comment spam!