Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Not Bad :P

Well today wasn't too shabby at all. I called CBOT inquiring the status of my OT licensure application & they said it was approved! I just needed to fill out a short form & pay my $93 fee before I get my "L" in my credentials so that is exactly what I did since they emailed me my approval letter.

With the goods that'll get me from OTR to OTR/L ;)

Afterwards, I received a phone call from a random phone number. I answered since I've been applying to quite a few jobs & it was a recruiter from Consonsus. The recruiter basically said she is forwarding my information to the director of rehab at Willow Glen Center & hopefully setting up an interview for me *crosses fingers* I had another recruiter from Centra call & screen me over the phone & he's trying to hook me up with a job as well *crosses fingers* Job hunting sucks. Then I just headed to the post office to mail off my licensure stuff.

Once Vinh came over, we registered to do the afternoon session of The Color Run (thanks Cindi for the team info). I need to find me a white tutu now *giggle* Then we headed over to Shane Co. since our guy Steve was working today & we wanted him to get our commission. We bought our wedding bands today! I needed mine resized so it'll be done by Saturday. Vinh had to special order his ring since it cannot be resized, haha. Afterwards, Vinh & I started looking online for possible condos, townhouses & houses to buy in the future :)


  1. Aw, congrats~!


  2. So many things to be excited about in one post! I hope your job hunt is short and fruitful, that your wedding bands fit perfectly (they made my first one half a size too big, drove me crazy), and that the housing market sucks for long enough for you to get your own home cheaply. :)

    But I can't believe after everything you've gone through, you had to pay an additional $93 for licensure. O.o

    1. Yes, many many things to be excited about! What was weird is that they said my size was 4.5 for my engagement ring & when they measured it for my wedding band, it was 3.25 or something o__o; But I tried the size 4 & it fit well so we went with that *crosses fingers*

      Yup, gotta pay the state (the OTR part is national) money as well *sigh* :/

  3. Can't wait to see what your bands look like!! I love Shane Co!! I'm glad you guys were able to sign up for the run. Should be lots of fun! We've been house hunting for a while now. It's pretty exhausting.

    1. We love Shane Co., especially our consultant Steve, hehe. I was super glad we were able to register for the run & I have another online friend that's gonna make me a white tutu for cheap, yay! G'luck with the house hunt :/

  4. Congratulations A!!! I'm sure you'll end up at an amazing place to work :)
    I can't wait to see your wedding bands when they come in!
    Wish I was there to run with you. I totally wanna see you in a tutu covered in colors haha :)
    AHHH You are looking for a home!!! :P