Friday, May 11, 2012

He Qi's Day #6 Giveaway Winnings

I was the lucky winner of Lisa's giveaway, day #6 to be exact! I'm here to show you what I received in my first ever giveaway win :)

All of my winnings :)

2 beauty facial masks & oil blotting papers

Strawberry KitKats, matcha milk & He Qi earrings

2 turquoise bracelets

  • Lifecella facial treatment mask
  • Tonymoly aloe facial treatment mask
  • G. G. Ana oil blotting papers (These papers worked pretty well the few times I used them. It left my face feeling oil-free & soft!)
  • Strawberry KitKat (It tasted like the strawberry creme from YanYans! *drool*)
  • GreenMAX matcha milk
  • 2 x He Qi Swarovski heart earrings in siam & peridot (Simple yet elegant earrings. I gave a pair to my sisters as a gift & to share the wealth)
  • 2 x turquoise bracelets (These bracelets were oh so pretty & great stacked on top of one another)
  • $20 gift certificate to He Qi Crystal Designs
  • TOTAL: $70 

Thank you so much Lisa for this giveaway! I was so excited when I arrived home from work to see this waiting for me. It totally put a smile on my face & felt like a kid opening a birthday present *giggle* :)


  1. ohhhh congrats babe!! this looks like such an awesome giveaway too!! i just recently got into masks myself i LOVEEEE THEM!!! you'll have to let us know what you think of the masks you got :)!!

    1. Thank you Lisa! It was a VERY awesome giveaway & I feel so fortunate to win one *giggle* I will definitely let you know about the masks. I don't think I've ever used one before *gasp* ;)

  2. YAY :) :)
    Congrats Annie!
    How were those kit kats?

    1. Thanks Kimbo!
      The KitKats were yummy ;)

  3. so very welcome :) Thank YOU!

    1. You rock Lisa, thank you again for the beautiful goodies :)

  4. Congrats A! You actually won something haha!
    I so want to try that green milk stuff. Was it like green tea or something?