Monday, May 28, 2012

Sheer Cover Review

Sheer Cover Duo Concealer - Medium/Tan 

The seventh & last product I tested from the Influenster Spring Beauty VoxBox 2012 was the Sheer Cover Duo Concealer - Medium/Tan. If you know me, you would know that I am makeup illiterate so to speak. Anything related to makeup confuses me: correct application or usage, colors for different skin tones, etc. You can imagine that when I saw there was a concealer in this box, I semi-froze hence why this was the last product to be tested. I had to read what concealer did *dies of embarrassment*

Anyhoo, I tend to have average/oily skin so I washed up first before applying the concealer. I applied the light portion first using my finger. Fair warning to use a light finger as the coverage is pretty good with a small amount. After applying the light portion, I added the dark portion & it blended to my skin tone well! I added another round & it covered up my dark spots on my face due to acne. It also didn't feel heavy or look cakey, which was nice. 

I may or may not buy another one in the future solely due to me not using makeup often & the price. However, for a first time concealer user, I like it & will recommend that others give it a go :)

PROS: quick application, easy to use, light feeling/barely noticeable, apply with fingers or brush
CONS: slightly pricey ($29.95)

DISCLAIMER: All products received are complimentary for testing purposes from Influenster's VoxBox program.


  1. I have this concealer from a sheer cover kit I bought years ago. I just started using it like 6 months ago and liked it and it has stayed in new condition after all this time. I definitely didn't think it was $29.95 I wouldn't re buy it for that. I think there are other products that are less pricey that give the same amount of coverage. Yay for influenster!
    You are totally getting the hang of this makeup thing A! Don't die of embarrassment haha

    1. I think the $29.95 was the kit, but still pricey if you only want the concealer :P