Sunday, May 6, 2012

Stephen's Graduation

Yesterday was Stephen's graduation from University of Pacific. It was a big occasion since he was graduating as a triple major! My sisters & I arrived at UoP an hour before the ceremony began & got aisle seats. Little did we know that we'd be going through the shortest commencement yet it felt like the longest ever. Why? There was massive amounts of pollen wafting through the air that you can clearly see. I normally don't have allergies, but even I started sneezing, having itchy eyes & a slight runny nose. My sisters got it worse & had to go to the restroom a few times for paper towels...

He did it!

Sisters crying tears of joy...more like tears of pain ;)

Afterwards, Steve went around taking photos with family & friends as all grads do. Of course, there were some awkward moments with his mom as well, but I won't go into that. Anyhoo, I went to the hospitality tent to grab some fresh strawberries & chocolate chip cookies while we waited. Talk about huge mounds of free strawberries & cookies *drool*

Us siblings :)

Steve's parents, grandmother & us

Random fountain on campus

We went to a nearby Chinese buffet for a very late lunch/early dinner before heading to Steve's apartment to rest for a little bit. Steve opened up part of his present, which was a lovely graduation party card & a Pokemon toy, hehe. We helped bring a few boxes back home for him before Vinh graciously drove my sisters & I to Applebee's for a late dinner. I ordered a white peach sangria for Cinco de Mayo & it was yummy :)


  1. Congrats to Steve!!!
    Smart Smart Man :)

  2. WOW! A triple major!!!! Congrats to him it was well deserved!!! Great pics!