Sunday, June 3, 2012

25th Birthday Weekend!

That's right, I turned a quarter of a century old yesterday. It just so happens to be my last one as Miss Wong like someone pointed out! I started my birthday celebration on Friday at work & my fellow OT, Priscilla, bought me little bundt cakes from Nothing Bundt Cakes to celebrate during lunch!

Little note from Priscilla

Chocolate, lemon, red velvet & white chocolate raspberry

I got off after 6 hours of work since I had to go ask someone to be my officiant in person. However, I played with our little "therapy dog" Hugo for a bit. He is the cutest thing ever! He truly has puppy eyes! Afterwards, I went to go ask my lucky person if he wanted to be my officiant & he said he'd be honored to (after looking completely shocked for a minute), yay! Vinh & Annie officially have their officiant for the wedding. It's a secret until the day of the wedding :)

Our little therapy dog, Hugo!

On my actual birthday on Saturday, Vinh took me to Monterey for part of the day. We had lunch at Domenico's on the Fisherman's Wharf. I got the shrimp & crab mango tower salad *drool* We had an awesome window view of the wharf including the seals, pelicans & boats :)

My delicious salad

Pelican right on the other side of the window

Vinh: It's a pelipper (Pokemon version)!
Annie: Pelipper...?
Vinh: Oh! What are those things called again?
Annie: Pelican...

Seals lazying about

Look at the happily swimming seal

The restaurant gave me a complimentary scoop of vanilla ice cream in honor of my birthday!  The waiter was trying to sing "happy birthday" but gave up, haha. I give him an A for effort though :P

My ice cream scoop

Boats in the harbor

Vinh & I decided to go to Carmel to lay on the beach for a bit before walking around in the town. Lots of cute little mom & pop shops in town, but quite pricey. Vinh was getting tired from all the walking so we headed home so he could take a nap before dinner at Chevy's :)

Us laying on the white sands of Carmel beach

An artist's finished work

Today (Sunday), I wanted to partake in the annual Art & Wine Festival in Sunnyvale. Steve joined my sisters & I for the 1.5 hours we were there. I ended up buying a strapless brown dress, four flexi8 barettes (2 for my sisters' early birthday presents) & a crystal glass nail file :)

Birthday card from Steve

Crystal glass nail file & my 2 flexi8 barettes

Strapless brown dress

Before leaving the festival, we got in line to spin the wheel for prizes from Macy's. Steve got a free facial & a 10-day free supply of foundation. Helen got a free facial as well. Lonnie got a free makeover & I got a free granola bar. I am the lame-o, bahahaa! However, Lonnie gave me her makeover coupon since she didn't want it. I gave her the granola bar that she traded for candy, haha.

Overall, I think I had a fairly relaxing 25th birthday & I wouldn't have it any other way :)


  1. Looks like a lovely birthday weekend!
    25 is a great age to be! i miss it. haha.
    LOL @ the pelipper.

    1. It was a lovely birthday weekend!
      I'm sure I'll enjoy being 25, hehe :)

  2. Happy Happy Birthday, dearest! xx

  3. Happy Belated Birthday Miss Annie <3 <3 :)
    Looks like you had ONE amazing time :)
    I am ubberly jealous of where you live! Do you need a roommate?? HAHAHAHA :) :)

    Vinh is so sweet to you <3 I am so happy you two are getting married <3

    1. Thank you Kim! ♥
      LMAO! If you ever wanna visit, you know who to call ;)

      Aww thank you sweets! I ♥ him to pieces :P

  4. HAPPY 25th BDAY GORGEOUS BESTIE!!!!!!! I can't believe we are all growing up so fast! 8O

    Those cakes look delicious! :p
    That puppy is oh my gosh cute!

    ---a pelliper ahhhhhahahahahaha

    you only getting a granola bar ROFL!!!!!!
    Love the barrettes and dress!!! I'll send you your stuff at some point!
    I can't believe you are keeping your officiant a secret!!!!!!!! *eyepoke*

    1. Thank ya bestie of mine!
      The cakes were yummy *drool*
      Take your time sending my bday stuff (or just bring it with you in August, lol) :P