Sunday, June 10, 2012

Easy Breezy

I had a tough week of work. I came back from my birthday weekend to find that one of my first residents that I worked with passed away on my birthday *sigh* I was half surprised & half not since she was not doing well health-wise with all the coughing, wheezing & edema in her legs. The rest of my week was filled with wacky evaluations, residents being difficult, among other things... I did get off early on Friday though :)

On Friday, Vinh & I went shopping at the Great Mall since Vinh wanted to buy more dress pants from Van Heusen. I ended up buying a navy tank top from Aeropostale that is shown in my latest OOTD!

On Saturday, my mom wanted to get 50% burgers at St. John's Bar & Grill. When we entered the parking lot, we saw this car below. It's like a kiddie car & it had teddybear hubcaps :P

What an awesome car :P

Afterwards, we ended up going to Nordstrom Rack & Old Navy to try to find outfits for my mom & sisters for the wedding. My mom didn't like anything & wasn't willing to try on anything either. My youngest sister ended up finding a cute strapless summer dress to wear. Then Vinh came to pick me up & we packed up his brother's & sister-in-law's clothes into boxes/bags for when they move in August. We plan to move into their room in the coming weeks & save up moola for a house in the future.

Today, we picked up Vinh's tuxedo (sans white dress shirt that we haven't bought yet) from Elite Menswear. Afterwards, we're just chillin' since it's so hot out now. I hope it cools down for the week during work, but I highly doubt it...


  1. BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I love that car :) :) :)
    I am sorry you had a rough week at work love <3 I hope you have a better one this week <3 :)

    1. It was one awesome car!
      Thanks love, this work week started rough, too, but hopefully it'll get better ;)