Sunday, June 24, 2012

Just Another Week...

I worked six days again this week. Castro Valley wanted me to come in Saturday to work because they needed an OT to do three evaluations on new patients. For my sanity, I could not work seven days straight! This week was alright overall in the work department :)

On Monday, Vinh got the good news that he is being hired by my company to be their registered dietitian! He's getting a much higher salary & is doing a job that he's trained to do. To celebrate, I treated him to dinner at Shiva's!

Aloo tikki chat

Malai chicken tikka, rice & seafood curry

On Saturday, Vinh & I had our double date with Steve & Derrick. We went to Country Gourmet American Bistro. It was a fun time eating & chatting, hehe. I found it funny that the place had a no cell phone policy though :P

Veggie omelette with homestyle grilled potatoes

After our double date brunch, Vinh & I headed to the Great Mall since Vinh wanted to get more dress shirts for his upcoming new job. I ended up buying another Coach wristlet for ~$26 (original $78). It was a design I was eye-ing for the longest time & it was too good not to pass up this time around. Then I walked into Hot Topic & they were having a sale on all their shorts for $15 (original ~$25) so I got a pair of black shorts. I wasn't a spending whore this time around, hehe :)

My mini haul :)

Also, I received my Target Summer Beauty bag in the mail along with my Sevenly shirt & white tutu from Stina's Sweet Boutique in the mail this week *giggle*

In other random news, I applied for my first (yes, I know, how did I ever survive?!) credit card yesterday night, lol. I never really cared for having a credit card, especially with so many people around me having debt & whatnot. But I figured it's time I grew up ;)

To end the week, I got an email from Influenster saying that I was one of the few spring beauty voxbox-ers to qualify for their summer beauty voxbox! I'm excited to be one of their superstars from their spring beauty voxbox!

Tomorrow is my day off so Vinh & I are going to apply for our marriage license, eek :D


  1. i was just informed that i'm getting a voxbox! i'm pretty stoked. This will be my first one of these.

    Congrats on Vinh's new job!

    1. YAY! We'll have to compare reviews later ;)

  2. Congrats to Vinh! And you guys will be working in the same place. Yay!

    1. He'll be at my place for like 3/5 days of the week :)

    Love the new shorts too sweetie <3

    I am said, I still haven't gotten anything for a vox box :(

    1. Yummy food indeed! I'm a foodie ;)

      Aww, you'll get a voxbox soon! Just keep doing product reviews!