Saturday, June 30, 2012

Macbook Air

It's time that I go back to embracing my Apple side, haha. My Acer netbook is getting slow so I decided to buy myself a new macbook air on payday yesterday! Apple was having a promotion that if you buy any laptop, you get $100 gift card to the iTunes/App store. There's also a promo that if you buy an iPad, you get $50 to the iTunes/App store.

My 11-inch macbook air & $100 gift card

Look at how thin it is!

I always love how great the color looks on mac screens, so gorgeous! I got the $949 11-inch macbook air since I know I don't need much space since I don't game or do much in general 'cept go online. I'm still keeping my netbook for storage purposes & for any programs that aren't available for macs.

If you were ever thinking of getting a mac or iPad, now's a great time to buy with the college discounts (just say you're buying for a college student or you are one) & you'll get the gift card as well! I believe this promo is going until September :)


  1. JEALOUS!!!!!
    I love that girl :) :)

  2. Anonymous4:40 PM

    Awesomenessss! My mom was going to apply for a Mac the other day but she chickened out:p she would've so got it n loved it I told her!:))

    1. LOL your momma is missing out ;)

  3. Pretty sexy! For a Mac. ;)

    PS: Your blogs haven't showed up on my Blogger feed for more than a month...I thought you had just stopped blogging! Did you change your settings at all? Or did I muck something up? :P

    1. It is sexy! ;)

      That happened to a few blogs I was following as well, it's weird. I didn't change any settings, just my layout. Weird! :/