Sunday, June 24, 2012


Sevenly is basically an online clothing store that has a specific design for 7 days & they donate $7 of each shirt purchase to the charity for that week that the design is for. One week. One cause. At the end of the week, Sevenly sends a check to the charity of the week.

"Imagine having a child with Autism that you couldn't communicate with. Every one of these shirts helps a family cope with the effects of Autism."

The specific design for last week was choose love to support families who have children with autism. I absolutely fell in love with the design for the women's shirts & I had to donate to the charity since it's so close to the field of OT as well as myself knowing quite a few mothers who have kiddos with autism.

*click to see the multiple options for last week*

My lovely ash long sleeve dolman shirt

Close up of the design

Please check out Sevenly & support one of their causes by buying an awesome shirt :)


  1. OH WOW.
    What an awesome idea :)
    That is so sweet of them!
    Love that shirt too <3

    1. It's a very awesome idea! I can't splurge on a shirt every day, but I absolutely loved this one :P