Sunday, June 17, 2012

What a Long Week!

This week was pretty darn busy with work & festivities! :)

Elephant Bar's sangria blanco

On Wednesday, I hung out with some of my OT All-Stars for dinner after work at Elephant Bar. It was great catching up with Vannary, Judy, Meridith & Elaine! I also got myself a sangria blanco as a treat for getting through half the week of work, haha.

2 cake goodies

On Thursday, Vinh was feeling stressed so we went to Paris Baguette to get some goodies to eat. However, they didn't compare to my old workplace, Sugar Butter Flour...

My sister facility

On Wednesday, I was asked if I wanted to work as the OT at our sister facility in Castro Valley. I was told I'd get overtime & that it'd be no more than 6 hours of treatment time. I obliged since our sister facility has zero OTs on staff & overtime pay didn't hurt either. I had to drive ~40 minutes one way though... Of course, I got some really interested patients including one that was cursing at me & another I had to bribe with a cheeseburger to participate in therapy. I did have one CNA that was super helpful to me. He actually said to me "I'm your assistant for the day. If you need anything, lemme know." It just totally sucked that Castro Valley was like 100 degrees out, ughh...

Later that night, I found that one of my pet shrimp died *sniff* :(

Our Father's Day card for daddy dearest

Father's Day potluck

Today Vinh & I did a few errands including finally buying a GPS at Costco! We then went to Target & bought a frame for our guestbook for the wedding. Afterwards, my mom's side had a potluck for Father's Day at my grandparents' house. Always good food to be had & everyone kept asking how's work or the wedding planning coming along. Speaking of wedding planning, Lonnie is helping me fold my paper flowers since she's on summer break now, yay!

That pretty much sums up my really long week. Now onto another long week as I am working 6 days again, but the following week is only a 4-day work week, yay :D


  1. Those desserts look amazing!!! So does the potluck at your grandparents! I want to try it ALL!
    LOL about bribing your patient with a cheeseburger. It's really nice of you to try to make the best experience with the people you were with even when they aren't the most pleasant.
    Really sorry about shrimpy. Did you have a toilet funeral?

    1. They are really yummy!
      Patients can be a pain sometimes, but gotta do your best :P
      Shrimpy just got eaten by his friends, lol :/